Thursday, April 9

crochet and crafts

We popped into a local handicrafts fair that's part of a current culture festival in the small town we live in. It's quite a big deal as the place lacks this type of arty-crafty thing.

A type of theme running through this year's festival is recycled materials. So there is an anti-plastc bag campaign of which I am a part. We were given plain cotton bags to decorate in whatever way we liked.

I chose crochet of course, and crocheted up flowers from plastic bags.

But we found ourselves being unusually social this week and time ran away from me, so that I was sewing on flowers like a mad woman.

Calvin: “You can’t turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.”
Hobbes: “And what mood is that?”
Calvin: “Last-minute panic”.

It turned out ok. Mostly, it was fun to do. Although the mad rush and a serious sewing phobia don't mix so well. Three finger pricks and four accidentally-sewed-both-sides-of-the-bag-together moments later.....
I swear it took me less time to crochet the flowers than sew them on!

The fair showcased local craftspeople and included stained glass, a loom weaver, jewellery and wooden toys. And the Husband was happy because there was food.


  1. "Three finger pricks and four accidentally-sewed-both-sides-of-the-bag-together moments later..... " Sounds like my sewing lol! The bag turned out really cute though and what a great, fun way to highlight the message!

  2. Beautiful idea! Recycled plastic is one of my favorite things to work with. It feels very important and leaves me feeling like I'm helping somehow. I've never see the flower idea though. Really lovely. Thanks for this.

  3. That bag looks fab! Great idea to add the plastic crocheted flowers. It's a good way to reuse/upcycle the becomes a thing of beauty rather than horror, lol. Is it tricky working with plastic though? It looks as though it would be.
    The fair sounds like a good 'un - another thing I love about Spring is that there are a multitude of fairs.


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