Friday, April 10

bloggy awards

I've been given awards left right and centre and have been remiss at thanking y'all. Although in my defence, some of you forgot to tell me!

Steph at Ordinary Life Magic and Ladybug-zen at Collecting Leaves and other little experiences, passed on the undecipherable award to me: (okay, think it's about making the online world a smaller and better place)

The one and only The Awakened Heart passed on the humbling award that is,
in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, & personal values transmitted in the form of creative & original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection & gratitude for work that adds value to the Web. gulp

Sheri at My So Called Homeschool passed on the Tree of Happiness.

Lynn at A Life Worth Living passed on this one:

Lisa at Tardy Homemaker passed on this one:

Thank you lovely people. I appreciate being thought of.

I've given out a few awards in the last 6 months and so will refrain from passing these on. However, there are two things that I love about these awards. One is learning something new about another blogger, and the other is finding new blogs. You know how I feel about promoting community.

So I will do just that, tell you 11 disturbing random things about me, and recommend a few blogs I may not have mentioned before.

1. I don't hum, whistle, nor sing in the shower. I tried the shower singing and I annoyed myself.

2. I have a deeply-seated neurosis distrust of clowns. A middle-aged man with way too much make-up that hangs around kids. Are you with me?

3. Inside any building (or large transportation device such as a ferry) I am aware of all known, and possible, exit points. So if the crapola hits the fan, look to which direction I'm running.

4. When I was 18 I went to a sort of boyfriend's prom in doc martens, fishnets, and tuxedo tails. He glued his hair up in spikes.

5. I got a whole lotta love to give.

6. My dream car (which annoyingly I'll never own because I'm too damn eco and frugal and can't be bothered driving anyway) is a mustang, like this.

7. I'm a pascifist and compassionate but sometimes I wish it were acceptable for me to bitch-slap some people.

8. I cannot stand the feel of velvety things.

9. In real life, people are surprised to discover that I'm a nerd. Like, one of my favourite shows was Sliders, and I make spreadsheets of my books.

10. I enjoy sending and receiving international snail mail, but almost never do (either).

11. Never met a doughnut I didn't like.

Some blogs I frequent often, others irregularly, others still are new finds, but enjoy them all nonetheless.

Along with those above, pop on over to:

Painted Rainbows and Chamomile Tea - THE place for a heads up on books for children
Bohemian Single Mom - a cool chick
Noble Savage - a thinking mama, for the squeamish, she does use 'language'
Knitting the Wind - tendency to go all Christian on yo ass, sorry. *chuckle* but her writing is delicious
Jumbleberry Jam - a fellow mama

And for the Feed Reader die-hards out there who never visit over here. These are my must-reads, on my sidebar:

Darkside of the Broom
The Awakened Heart
Mommy Mystic
Five Flower Mom
The Organic Sister
My Sacred Home
Rants and Dreamy Musings

And Crooked Hooks is my crafty, herby, and mystical blog.

Phew, that should be enough for the weekend. Enjoy your frolicky long weekend or Easter, whichever means more to you.


  1. Loved your list of stuff about you. Nothing like a nice laugh to start off the long weekend.

  2. Yes, I'm afraid my potty mouth gets the better of me sometimes. I'm trying to swear less though! ;)

    I'm with you on the Mustang. That's one sweet ride.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the kind shout out! But, oy! What will I do with all these new awesome blogs to check out?!? :-)

  4. Thanks for the link. You made me laugh :-) Actually its a difficult balancing act because I sound too Christian to pagans and too pagan to Christians and really I'm neither and both. My god is a great big old mama and Christ has been popping in on us since the beginning. I just think Christians have captured, translated, some (not all) of the truth. ;-)

  5. I am totally with you on 1, 2, 3, 10, and 11! And thanks for the link. Must put some new content up....

  6. Oh and way to go with the awards! :-) I'm glad lots of people know about you and appreciate you as I do.

  7. Like those 11 things...hehe. Am totally with you on 7 and 10. Lots of linkies to explore. And it's great to have the children's books link - I'm always on the look out for this sort of thing.

    This has also reminded me that I need to acknowledge some awards I've been totally remiss about acknowledging properly (*slinks guiltily away*).

  8. I must say I've never understood the distrust of clowns until I just read what you write. I get it now.

    I've gotten some awards too but they are so hard to pass on. Maybe I outta do what you did and side-step the whole tagging thing.

    Can't wait to check out new blogs. :)

  9. Congratulations on your bloggy awards! It's so lovely to feel appreciated and recognized.
    Also, maybe once you could just rent a Mustang for the weekend, get it out of your system and go back to the good old eco-friendly car waiting at home. :)

  10. RENT a mustang! Brilliant!

    Sarah - yeah, I almost added (has a tendency to go pagan on yo ass) just to cover both bases. :D

  11. What great awards you've gotten! I'm glad you've gotten recognised by so many. Very well deserved!
    Recognised myself in many of items listed, including liking Sliders lol :$

  12. Hey, thanks for the shout-out, and I agree, clowns are just...wrong.

  13. Lovely to see that you've been so acknowledged and celebrated. I'm extremely pleased to be a member of the ever-swelling holisticmama appreciation society!

    I read your 11 things with great pleasure. You are hilarious, my dear. It would take too long to list all the bits that fall in the 'me too!!' category, but I will say these things:

    Clowns. You know how I feel about those creepy feckers.

    Planes, ferries etc, absolutely agree there. I'm always the one paying wide-eyed attention to the security demonstration. I also expend far too much energy listening for strange sounds, and visualising a safe landing/docking.

    Do you think it does us long-term damage to hold in so many bitch-slaps that are urgently needing to be dispensed?

    Great post, as always, I look forward to exploring your links. x

  14. Sol - ooh, good point about long-term damage. So dispensing them would be a personal health issue?


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