Monday, March 23

weekend stuffs and burnt toast

Having my cuppa and slice of toast, burnt, yes. I'm like the worst double toaster ever. You know when you toast it and it's not quite enough so you go for the double? And that's like the most precarious morning activity known to humankind. A mere seconds too long and you're eating charcoal.

Well, I do things like go online and start reading blogs.... so eating my scraped toast as I write...

So the weekend was good. I didn't feel like doing anything specific for the equinox, just took a moment with Nature. Spring arrived here a couple of weeks back so I welcomed her in then.

But we went on a walk with friends which was pleasant. Although, despite the lovely warm weather we've been having, it decided to be dark and it began to rain as we were leaving. I'm still aclimatising (sp?) myself to having a sort of tribe. I'm so accustomed to going it alone. But it's nice.

I hadn't realised how cool it would be so I borrowed a hat. Erm, it was a 2 yr-old's hat. Yes, it fit just right thank you very much. I love not having to maneuver a stroller/pram around.

The place we visited was unusual. It was mentioned that we were going to a national park. Visions of English woodlands entered my head for some bizarre reason. Where we ended up was across the border in Croatia, at a deserted military base turned 'park'.

It all began innocuously enough - bored chick at entrance takes your entry-fee shekels and you park at a designated parking spot.

But a mere minutes into the walk I was like, 'Stephen King film anyone?'

Many abandoned buildings. Odd buildings that obviously had various military purposes. And then in the distance, a group (herd, rabble, mob?) of feral donkeys giving us the evil eye. On our return, they were there to 'greet' us near our cars. Hmmm....

Not another soul to be seen....

Anyway, it was nice to be out in quiet and nature. And with friends who were organised enough to bring hot drinks and cake.

The views back across the bay were stunning as usual.


  1. Had to laugh at the double toaster disaster - I do that every. single. day. It's the urge to go for just 30 more seconds. And then, of course, it's just too late...

    I just love that image of you and the Wildflower - and I dig the hat totally. How would that not be on purpose? It rocks! And with orange-y tassle-y thingies too. And the baby wrap is delish.

    That looks like a bit of a spooky (although beautiful) walk. Definitely not an English, bluebell carpeted wood eh?

    Was that donkey pedaling illicit substances or somefing? He's a completely dodgy looking critter.

    The image of the bay is stunning. It reminds me sooo much of a New Zealand scene. Uncannily so.

  2. Yes, the double toaster incidents happen here too regularly.

    Look lovely in the hat :)

    That bay is gorgeous!

    Btw, that book is called Weekend crochet. See that post's comments for more.

  3. Love the pictures of the walk... and the donkey. Love that donkey for some reason. And the bay is beautiful.

    You and wildflower look gorgeous.

  4. Oh how exciting to see two of my posts on your shared reader! I feel quite giddy :-) I love the pictures you posted here - spooky old abandoned buildings thrill me to my toes; infact, I'm going to go commune with some this week. But the natural world also looked stunning. And can I say I love just one more thing? Not sycophantic, really, truly. The picture of you and Wildflower - wonderful. Gorgeous hair.

    I was the same as you with the equinox. Autumn arrived here a couple of weeks ago (although we watched it gradually blend in with the fringes of summer for a while before that) so to celebrate Mabon seemed pointless.

  5. What a lovely babywearing picture. (And that wrap is really pretty!)
    The bay photo is gorgeous, btw.

  6. What a beautiful pic of you and the sweet babe. Looks like a very interesting day and you took some great pics, love the donkey! ;)

  7. girl you need a better toaster me thinks. i have the settings perfected on mine; right between the three and four. of course zeb likes his less toasted so i have to remember to check the settings.

    great pic of you and wildflower. i agree with the stephen king setting. :/ but it looks like you had at least some great views.


  8. love the hat. and that's a lovely photo of you and the babe.
    yes, interesting day you had it seems. feral donkey, huh? LOL! sorry i can't help it. glad it turned out ok.

  9. I am so bad at geography and am trying to figure out where you live in relation to Croatia??
    Love the pic of you and the babe. I can't wait to baby-wear the boy. I asked for the Ergo carrier as a baby shower gift and a little birdy informed me that I will be receiving one. Yipppe!

  10. What beautiful photo's! Love your baby wrap....makes me miss carrying my babes....

  11. Looks like it was an interesting walk. Love the donkey! ... :0)

  12. You have a tribe? That's wonderful. Sorry that "park" wasn't more nice...though feral donkeys certainly make things interesting, eh?

  13. I thought I was the only one with that kind of toaster. Looks like there's a whole herd of us. If you wash each bite down quickly with a swig of tea, it's not too bad :)

    What kind of sling is that?

  14. DBad Double Taosters of the World Unite!

    That's an Ellaroo wrap Amanda.


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