Friday, March 6


  • House
    After I only just posted about how great our lovely house is looking, DIY Dad went up yesterday to discover that water was pouring, POURING, into the house from between the new build and old renovation. Our builder says it's not a problem and can be sorted out. Poor DIY Dad, he has so much on his plate as it is.
    Being the Voice of Optimism in the home, I stated that it was good we discovered it now rather than later, after he had plasterboarded that area. Now that would have been a sorry state indeed. the huge rains this last week allowed us to find the problem now. You gotta be thankful.

  • Less Feeds
    I got into a very big de-cluttering kick the last few weeks. Not my home, but my mind.
    I continued skimming my feed reader and from a start of around 210, I'm now down to under 100. My flexible goal is to remain under 100. So if I want to add a blog, I encourage myself to remove another. I really have to be vigilant with myself, my Shadows want more more more information.
    I can't tell you what a burden that was off my mind.
    I was abusing my reader's purpose too. I added blogs that i didn't need to check regularly. So the blogs I wanted to keep I moved into my Favorites folders.

  • New blog
    On a similar vein, I deleted two of my other blogs. My Global Homestead blog was eco-centred and house and garden stuff too. But you know, while green issues are very important to me, the wealth of information is too much for me, right now, to keep up with. And there are tons of blogs doing a fab job of filling that need. I'll keep up with the news and latest info, and blog about it when I want to.
    My Hearth Herbalist blog I really enjoyed but it was actually stifling my various blogging needs. So I've deleted it but have started another. It includes all the delicious herbal goodness from HH, but incorporates weaving crafts (crochet etc) as well as metaphysical goodies (tarot, astrology). AND, I thought it would be fun to have a few other bloggers throw in their writing for good measure.
    If you're interested in all such things, visit us at Crooked Hooks
    I had a lovely template there but it's not behaving, so don't mind the formatting messes.

  • Friend Connect
    If you don't already know, or were wondering what happened to your Followers widget, Blogger has changed Followers to Friend Connect.
    The groovy thing about this is that now other blog platforms can include Followers.
    So if you are a Wordpress or typepad blogger, you can follow your favourite Blogger blogs, and, I believe, include a Friend Connect on your blog, that Blogger bloggers can now follow. make sense? Basically, we can all follow each other like true stalkers.

  • Crawling
    Wildflower started to crawl properly. After being put off during her last teething phase, she decided to resume her efforts. At midnight last Sunday. Proper mama-like, tired and wanting to sleep, I still encouraged her.

  • Crochet
    I made this (details at Crooked Hooks)

    And this (thanks Joxy, I'm hooked!)


  1. :))Fabulous, awww so cute. And now you know thebasic principle you can make up your own designs :)

    I'm in the process of doing a dragon. Not quite sure about it to be honest, but I'll hold off judgenment until its finished.

    Awww and wow wildflower crawling already, bless,it just gets better and better too :)

  2. The turtle is the cutest! Way to go!

  3. Those are adorable little crocheted treasures. You are doing a great job.

    Can't wait to check out Crooked Hooks more. Sounds like my kind of blog.

  4. Sounds like lots of good reorganizing for you. And what a great positive outlook on life!

  5. I love the little turtle! I am knitting a turtle right now... it's looking huge.

    You're fueling my interest in crochet!

  6. Yay for Wildflower starting to crawl. Now the fun really begins lol!

    Crooked Hooks is great. Also, well done on all the blog reorganising, etc. Always best to cut the stuff that doesn't work for you... and web pages and blogs do have a tendency to just sneak on in there. I know *sigh"

  7. SwedishJenn06 March, 2009

    way to go Wildflower! Love the frog Mon. I should really put an order in. Let me think on it and get back to you (assuming you're accepting customers of course!)

  8. I've been deleting some blogs too...those ones that send out 25 posts a day and that I read maybe one of two posts a week!

    Yay crawling! So good for brain development.

    I love the wee turtle. You could chain little lines in a lighter color to make the shell plate shapes :-) Or leave him as his sweet little self.

  9. I have been on a blog-organizing mission this week too - is there something astrological going on?? Thanks for the head-ups on the follow thing, I am on wordpress but I think my widget options are very limited unless I move to, still trying to figure that out...would also like to do a feed sharing type list like you do.

    Anyway, congrats on the house, I never commented on the pictures, which were lovely. My DH and I did something similar several year back (that's where the picture from my review in Feb was from) and hope to move there permanently someday soon - right now we have to rent it out part-time:-( And yahoo for the crawling, I love that stage. Crawling babies are just too cute...


  10. Your crocheting looks great!

    So fun that Wildflower is now crawling. :)

    Still can't sign up for Friend Follow. Dangit.

    Also glad you found that water problem now rather than later. I hope that elemental thing gets worked out soon. Ever find any connection to what it might all mean?


  11. It's amazing how quickly those feeds can mount up isn't it?

    Jenn - it's a TURTLE!! LMAO What's your LO's fave animal?

    Tara - yeah, means money is being spent spent spent! eek


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