Wednesday, March 25

panda & plarn

I completed an amigurumi panda, learnt the half-double crochet (love it), learnt to make plastic yarn (plarn), and crocheted up a couple of plarn flowers.

That's a counter on the end of my hook. Highly recommended.

I was going to write all about plarn but Tara @ Organic Sister beat me to it! Great minds and all that...
Anyway, I learnt from this site. It was not easy. But like most things, after a while it's not so bad.

We have a handicrafts festival here soon, where my friend has organised a ban the plastic bag campaign. Time permitting, I hope to whip up a few bits and bobs.

...and am waiting on more yarn to complete my baby blanket.

edit: no pattern for the blanket, but it's a gift so not showing too much here yet.


  1. Mon that's brilliant, the panda is adorable! And thanks for posting the Youtube tutorial, it's just what I needed. I was struggling to picture in my head how the round shape was formed. What hook do you use for amigurumi? And have you a preference for plastic/ metal/ wooden hooks? xx

  2. Depends on the yarn, but I've been using a G/4.5mm hook. I find that a tight tension works better because you need to fill it.

    I should write about hooks.... but wooden...

  3. Panda is so cute. Still dreading the amigurumi, but soon (I hope).

    The plarn is such a great idea, I'm itching to try it.

    Loving the baby blanket. Following a pattern?

    I've just gotten my set of bamboo hooks in the post and love them.

  4. Mon - this is great work! I love that panda! I can't believe you are producing critters like that after such a short time crocheting!

    And the baby blanket is going to be a beauty too. I really want to be able to crochet blankets, and have my heart set on learning to crochet granny squares to make one.

  5. Great stuff! I don't like plastic bags much either, though they will be a necessity in this house as long as we have cat litter to dispose of :-( We use some store-bought cloth grocery bags, but I guess even better would have been to crochet some out of all those plastic bags, eh?

  6. No pattern Carin, just a granny square idea I concocted.
    Please don't be put off by amigurumi. I'M doing it for Pete's sakes! lol

  7. :) That panda is lovely and the baby blanket looks fabulous.

    yes Carin don't be put off by amigurumi it's very easy and excellent way to learn to keep a tight tension and work in the round and once you've done one and see how its done you'll be able to make your own without patterns (fi you want).

    I love plarn, isn't it a fab idea! I was thinking of making door mats with some once I've got enough saved up - ironically though I don't have many bags these days because I use cloth bags now.


  8. Joxy - that's the funny thing. We try to minimise our plastic bags so I was annoyed at not having enough! lol


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