Monday, March 30

our weekend

We made the most of Earth Hour by popping over to a friends' house and pooling our resources. The friend's husband almost went into cardiac arrest when his wife said the telly had to go off. So we left it on and switched off almost everything else.
We sat by the romantic light of TV football and drank wine and talked the world right.

On Sunday, we ventured up to the capital which is about 2.5hrs drive away. I can't say mall shopping is a favourite past-time but we wanted to buy some baby things and here on the coast everything is around 30% more. Yes, it's nuts. I finally got the chance to buy a couple of wooden toys for the Wildflower and even found some books in English! Only a few, but it all counts. I bought 70% chocolate for myself and DIY Dad bought cinema popcorn (which is a really big deal I tell you).

Only in a Balkan mall do you get ghoulash in the food court. Yum.

I let the Wildflower crawl on the floor as she was going to bust a gut if she didn't have some physical fun. You should have seen the looks on the faces of mothers! They are incredibly germ-phobic here. I mean, I did wipe her hands afterwards.

And DIY Dad did some babywearing now that we have a carrier that is so easy to put on for a back-carry (and isn't so hippy lookin').

Although she threw up on the return trip (okay, we get it, no milk whilst in motion), she's a great traveller, and passed her time just like mama, with a book. Don't you just love car rides for catching up on your reading?


  1. I love it! The Wildflower's face when she's out and about - she looks like she's having a ball. And the sight of them reading like that is so precious. They get completely absorbed. I often wonder what they're thinking and how they're constructing the world in the books they're reading.

    We spent Earth Hour much the same way - wine and chatting about the world and ideals, (although no tv I'm glad to say). The Moon even sang us a tune accompanied by her guitar, so that we could have some 'live music'. Hehe.

    Good to hear that you were able to pick up some wooden toys. And 70% choc is just the way I like it too. The thought of it is giving me a hankering. I must pick some more up.

  2. Nice bwing daddy pics! What kind of mei tai is that?

  3. awww, so stinkin cute!

    we spent our earth hour playing games by candlelight. i really wanted to go hardcore and switch the power off at the breaker but justin didn't want to reset the clocks. lol


  4. Sounds a lovely weekend. I lost the battle of the telly too. Men *sigh*

    The pics of the Wildflower are great. Looove the one of her reading in the car. Very cute!

  5. wow! such a cute wee babe!

    sometimes you just gotta go to the mall.

  6. wildflower reading in the car - fabulous pic!!

  7. She looks quite content cruising around with papa! Until she remembered that she can crawl, of course.

  8. So lucky you guys can read in the car...I'm jealous! I puke after one sentence... (I have a theory that visual perceptive people are more likely to get motion sickness...) just a theory...


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