Tuesday, March 17

of baby & books

The Wildflower has been crawling up a storm - suddenly what were once perfectly fine floors and slippers are Platforms of Filth, and harmless wires are deathtraps. And of course, babies are neurologically programmed to ignore all bought and handcrafted toys and to instead go for said filth and deathtraps.

Her 4th tooth finally cut through but she has been doing some finger chewing that might indicate more teething will follow soon. Not sure.
It would be nice to have a break from it as it puts her off trying solids. She started to eat back at 9-and-something months, she seemed properly ready, then was put off it completely. Now at 11 months she's still on just milk. No problem, just seems she is now ready to eat and it's a same that teething is interfering with that..

On Sunday we attended a little daycare centre opening (no, of course not for the Wildflower), she was bombarded with noisy toddlers and general party-style noise, was bitten (not maliciously), then we had friends over for dinner, then she ate some solids, she didn't get her evening nap, she played on the floor with other children for the first time, and tipped over and bumped her head. Phew!

That night she woke crying at 2:30am. Nothing unusual there. But she sounded different. I offered her milk and when she wouldn't take it I knew something was wrong. I cuddled her, got out of bed, went into the living room and she cried in my arms. It's always worrying - the not knowing what it is or how serious it is. However, with our recent crying relationship, I was able to appreciate that it was likely stress eleasing from the very big day. I recalled how she hadn't cried very much after the biting and head-bumping incidents. Most likely because she was distracted with people and stuff going on. So I just held her lovingly.

After about 1/2 an hr it subsided and we returned to bed. She was still doing those little quick intakes of breath that children do after a sob. Just as I was slipping into sleep (now 3:40am) she woke up again and had a shorter cry. So after waking up twice between midnight and 2am, the usual routine, I was fully awake from 2:30am until 5:30am. Exhausted obviously, but more than anything I was glad it hadn't been anything serious.

In other news, I've ordered her a new baby carrier for the hot season. The beautiful wrap is just too much when it's hot. Costly, which is why I've been putting it off, but babies need stuff right?

Amigurumi World arrived today. Although the patterns on Lion Brand site are very nice as well as easy, as well as free. I've been considering a panda.

And the Wildflower received an animals touch-and-feel book that she's enjoying.

I want to buy her a couple of wooden toys but the postage costs are so high. I've emailed about 5 stores to get quotes. Nothing but plastic tv-character crap here.

She still loves to stand best of all, despite not having the balance yet and constantly falling on her butt. She enjoys pulling herself, and she thought that a book was worth risking life and limb for....

...that's my girl.

Now, what shall I do with all this Springy energy? Might trot off for a walk after she wakes from her nap.


  1. Sorry you had a rough night. :-( Such fun footage! I've considered learning how to do woodworking so I can make my own toys. They are so beautiful, but so expensive! Hope you have a lovely walk.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are tired out after a long night, but glad to hear that your little one isn't too destroyed from her journeys and adventures.

    Great blog - totally support and love your decision to leave England. Whoot Whoot. I too am an expat, just embarking on babydom, almost 7 months. Your story is inspiring and your blog is fantastic!

  3. It seems that no matter how much I baby proof - unless I remove all furniture and such from our house there is always something my one year old risks life on!!!

  4. LMAO...just wait till she starts walking! I stand by my previous comment on some other post that my LO is the best decluttering/ inventive storage tool going!

    Sorry you had a rough night though. But yay, for the Wildflower risking life and limb for the book.

  5. OOh my friend has the chocolate and cherry napsack carrier and it's absolutely gorgeous, good choice. And my copy of Amigurumi World arrived today also but I haven't chosen my first project yet as it's all a bit advanced until I've mastered more techniques.
    With you on the deathwires- found monkey trying to charge herself up the other day!

  6. Nice photograph you took of her and the book! The lighting is so pretty. I'm excited for whenever Michael gets mobile, even though it will mean I need to clean up more!

  7. Hey everyone.

    Welcome Vegancowgirl!

    Amy - so I have to clear it ALL out? lol

    Willow - how funny we got the book on the same day. Yes, I would try lion brand or other free pattern first. These are a little more detailed.

  8. Your Wildflower is so adorable! Glad to hear she's OK after her big day!

  9. Got to love that girl - she has her priorities right with the hankering after books. Love her absorbed look as she communes with the frog image.

    I was quite amazed when The Moon started crawling. We thought we had it all sorted, and everything out of harm's way. But noooo. The Moon had a highly refined antenna for grotty, dangerous things. Makes you look at a home in an entirely different way.

    Spring energy...love it. Helps mitigate that baby-generated sleep deprivation. Slightly anyway. Love that time of year.

  10. Oh, the days of trying to wind every cord possible and vaccuum every single floor crevice! After a few weeks, I finally gave up on the vaccuuming like a mad woman because kids need dirt exposure, right? ;) Very sweet, cute pictures! And what type of carrier did you order?

    Also, thanks for your comment about loving two; I appreciate knowing other mamas' thoughts.

  11. Hey there,

    It's there in a link? It's the Napsack mei tai carrier. :)

  12. Yay crawling! Every stage demands a fresh look at hazards, eh? I remember having to steadily move things up to higher shelves every few months :-)

    Sounds like that day was pretty tiring and stressful, especially since it seems like Wildflower's days are normally much quieter.

    I will have to look through our stuff to see if we have any wood toys we've outgrown that I can send you!


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