Wednesday, March 25

the little ram

Part of my child astrology series.

Aries is the sign of the ram. Think head-butting and you have a good picture of what this little baby is all about. To say that they are head-strong is an understatement indeed.

Many signs have a streak of stubborness, yet they're all for different reasons. For the ram, it's a fierce determination and firm sense of the Self. As the first sign of the zodiac, independence is their middle name.

They are a fiery ball of energy. She will want to move and move and move some more. She will have moments of stillness, but they are few and far between. Even in sleep she'll tend towards restlessness.

The little ram is all about firsts. She will do things early, want to be first in line, and get there and have things yesterday. If she doesn't actually walk and talk early she will at least be trying to do so.

Something that will make your life easier when she is a baby, is that she knows exactly what she wants. Those cries will be very specific requests. Aries babies are generally not whiners, they will instead yell suddenly or downright scream the place down if you're too slow. They are extremely vocal.

A mixture of action-orientated, definite needs, and the desire to have your constant attention, will make her a 'high needs' baby. The parent of an Aries won't have to wait long to see the first red-faced, clenched fist, protest.

But the pay offs are high. She's affectionate, fun, friendly, and always ready to smile. She is quick-tempered but quick to forgive and forget.

She's intelligent and will learn lightning-quick, but this doesn't mean she'll heed your directives. If there's a baby you don't say no to, it's Aries. It's simply that she loves a challenge. She's also daring and courageous. So even if she hurts herself, she'll go back for more - in her mind, she might just conquer it next time.


  1. Sounds like one fiery handful of a child! Great series, Mon. I read the Capricorn post with interest, as my close friend had a little goat in Jan. Looks to be pretty apt so far!

  2. Jeez, and I thought my Sagg was full of energy, sounds like the Aries child is even more so! Love this series. Can't wait till you get around to my sign to see how well you describe me as a child lol.

  3. I know Aries! I have a husband and firstborn son born under that sign. How true, the Ram...

  4. I know a couple of Aries children (friends of my Gemini girl). They are exactly like this. It always amuses me to watch the dynamics in those fire-air relationships. My girl looks on totally bemused by the Aries outbursts of passion, and wonders what all the fuss is about, whilst the Aries child looks on in impatient wonderment at the Gemini's flip-flopping changeability, and her cerebral approach to things, (seemingly), without passion.

  5. You have definitely peaked my interest in this area. Our boy will be Taurus like his daddy so I will have to do a little research now.

  6. ha, Im an aries baby too:)

  7. My own kids are not Aries, but my nephews are, and this is definitely them. We have lots of Leo in our family, so I see some of the fire in them, but as you say with Aries it's more of a quick burn. I really love these posts BTW, I haven't read interpretations like this that are specifically geared for children. Mine are Cancers (the twins) and Scorpio (eldest), so I'm interested to get to them. And when you do, wondering if you have ever read anything about twins 'splitting' a chart or anything like that, because they seem to be so different in certain ways...

  8. I'm looking forward to the Cancer post. Hopefully it will help me understand my little guy's personality better.

  9. Oh yes another Aries here as well....

  10. WOW! I always paid a little attention to zodiac signs, etc. but not very seriously. This post stopped by in my tracks! My littlest just turned 2 on March 22nd so she's an aries and she definitely has all the aries qualities (and then some!).

    Great post!


  11. This post is spot on for my Aries daughter.

    My little fire-cracker is 8 months old and exhibits all the traits you described. At 8 months she already has three words, is an apt army-crawler (didn't want to wait to learn it on all fours), and is seemingly determined to master standing and walking by her 9th month. Needless to say I can barely keep up.

    Even her involuntary developments have the Aries fire behind them. She has two teeth already and is now working on 4 more! All at the same time! Let's just say sleeping (or not sleeping) has been a struggle.

    Her most obvious personality trait is that you cannot make her do anything she does not want to do, whether it be eating, sleeping, or even being born into this world. She had a plan of when she was going to come and no amount of massage, acupuncture or even pushing during labor was going to change that.

    And then there's her daredevil streak. She seems to have no fear and wants to learn it all by experience. Fortunately, she's also a tough little cookie, so can handle the battle wounds that come with this approach. I'm also a laid-back, let-her-figure-it-out kind of mom, which seems to support her natural tendencies.

    But, best of all, she's the happiest, most smiley, cuddliest, most loving, forgiving and affectionate bundle of joy I could ever have imagined. She fuels my fire and will do everything in her power to lift me up when I'm having a bad day (usually due to lack of sleep).

    It's a joy to support my independent little ram and to keep an eye out for what she'll be conquering next.

    Thanks for describing her so perfectly, and for sharing your wise, intuitive approach to life and parenting. I identify greatly with your posts, they give me strength to continue mothering based on my intuition, regardless of what others think or of how different it is from what others are doing. The Wildflower is fortunate to have chosen you :)


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