Tuesday, April 28


Studios, craft rooms, workstations, craft corners. I defy anyone, any creative-minded person at least, to not be inspired by other people's creative spaces.

They inspire me whether they are a haven of organisation or creative chaos, elaborate or serene, a dedicated room or a tiny corner of the home.

1: Modern Acorn 2: Yummy Goods 3: Saidosda Concha

4: My Tiny Robot Heart 5: Lino Forest 6: Patchwork Pottery

7: Shelly Paints 8: Tricia North 9: Polly Painting

10: My Aim Is True 11: Mixed Up Beauty 12: Chimera Creation


  1. I am swooning, and ogling, and drooling all at once. It's all so gobblesome!

    It's also quite weird, because just the moment I return to the interwebs for the first time in eons (ok, a week), this is what greets me. And it's my crafting area that is one of the things I've been planning and working on and generally obsessing over this past week.

  2. I've been planning to paint my office/studio/craft room a light gray (to prevent color cast on my photos), but I long to paint it a more creative color when I see other people's creative spaces. I'm thinking I'll just have to add color through accents instead.

    I can't wait to get it set up, though, with a work table and my sewing machine...the creative bug is biting at me!

  3. oooooooh fantastic, like Docwitch, I'm lusting. DH doesn't know this yet but I'm staking my claim to a share of the 'den' in our new home for a crafting space. Otherwise I can just see it becoming a junk room full of computer games and DVDs. My difficulty is in bringing ideas to life, I know what I like but don't seem to have the 'eye' when it comes to putting things together.

    Congratulations on the Wildflower's first steps btw... Tilly is still on the high-speed crawling!

  4. oh my, what beautiful inspiration! I feel like a kid in a candy shop! I'll have to live vicariously through others. Since we moved into a teeny, tiny house (which affords us a fabulous lifestyle) mama has no crafty corner :-(

  5. Wow, these do inspire!

  6. Oh, I love craft rooms! Drooling over all these yummy ones...


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