Saturday, March 7


Apparently it's National Crochet Month, so for my first Inspirations I'm focusing on crochet...
Click for large image

1. snail amigurumi 2. doll hat 3. corset top 4. butterfly jewellry
5. baby hat 6. shoe 7. baby cardigan
8. piano 9. baby shoes 10. coral
11. bag 12. blanket
13. afghan


  1. National Crochet Month eh? I had no idea. Love your inspirations, especially the first one. I love little bugs, toadstools and things like that. I am looking forward to seeing all the you create.

  2. Would I be giving to much away to say it won't be the piano cozy?

  3. lovely selection - I'm rather in love with that corset top - beautiful!

  4. National crochet month sounds great! Another excuse to crochet like a wild woman any time possible (if ever an excuse was needed)! Yay!

  5. Ah ha! Signs and omens! Time for me to kick this crocheting bizzo off and see what I can mangle.


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