Monday, March 16

Green Meme #3


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Green Meme #3

  1. Are you keeping your temperature (heating/cooling) systems on low? If you have radiators are they fitted with thermostats?

    I keep them low but ensuring it's warm enough for the baby. Our current rads have thermostat control.
  2. If yes to the above, what do you to keep warm/cool without resorting to turning up those numbers?

    We wear a couple layers indoors in the Winter. Try to maintain air-flow in the Summer and shut blinds/shutters/etc.
  3. Do you turn your fridge temperature down when it has less items in it?

    Always. Towards the end of the shopping week the fridge begins to empty and I am reminded to turn it down by how super cold are some items.
  4. Do you unplug unused small appliances?

    DIY Dad is good at this. I forget. But we don't have that many. I'm not sure how to remind myself.
  5. Do you switch off rather than leave on standby; TV/computer/dvd player/etc?

    Yes to computer and the dvd player, but the TV gets fully unplugged on occassion.
  6. Do you own (or will you purchase in the future) energy-efficient (star-rated) home appliances?

    Yes and yes. I always seek these out.
  7. Do you have any green goals/hopes for the next few months?

    As it's sowing season up here in the North, I'll be looking for anything organic and eco for gardening. I also keep searching for more affordable eco-yarn.

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  1. I love that green meme button.

    We only rarely use our little heater in winter. We prefer blankets, slippers, cardigans, etc. I have even been known to wear woolly gloves indoors rather than turn on a heater.

  2. I have actually never thought about turning the temp down on the fridge. What a great idea.


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