Wednesday, March 11

global kid

I think most of you know I'm a nomad, and I look forward to introducing the globe to the Wildflower, as well as discovering new places and people with her and DIY Dad. Thanks to Jumbleberryjam for giving me the idea of what to do with my own travel map.

It's taken time to get to this place, where DIY Dad is ready to travel so extensively. I am so glad we are at this place together now that we have a child. I feel travel is important, and if we can give it to our children when they are young, it's priceless.

My parents had to work hard to make a life for us in Australia, so money for travel was never an option. However, we travelled through the words in books and the images in documentaries. A time before the Internet, we owned a full set of Encyclopedias. They were my portal into other cultures and places.

Whether we give travel to our children through words, images, or actual experiences, it lays seeds for connection, tolerance, respect, love of nature, and opens their minds and hearts to the beauty of interwoven variety and similarity.

Our rough plan is to finish building the house, DIY Dad set up a small business, and me get some of the land in order. Then, I would prefer to have the Wildflower out of diapers and toilet savvy, eating a decent variety of foods, and for exotic trips, over 5yrs of age in case we choose to accept some vaccinations.

So we'll start in Europe - it's here, it's a similar standard in most places, and we can do quick weekend or week-long trips.

Now here's a little revelation I haven't shared with you yet. My Ultimate Dream, for the longest time, is to help communities in poor countries. I would like to be a part of teaching, building schools, child-caring, growing food, cleaning eco areas, that sort of thing.

DIY Dad is on board and would like to lend his diy skills to build, decorate and repair buildings such as schools.

I have taken a cursory glance at what's available, several groups offer initiatives to do this. You give your time and efforts, and they give you a simple roof over your head and food in your belly. Many take you on as a family. We aren't rich people, we just have enough to live without real financial worries. But we have time, will, enthusiasm, and compassion.

The idea is that we help others, we travel, we spend more than a tourist moment in a place and get to know the people, their culture and their needs.

We also enjoy the travel that is nothing more than large coffees, museums, galleries, markets, and strolls through lively city streets. I see the Louvre in Wildflower's near future. Hey, she is already preparing with this book....

I've added map with more details to my Stuff page.


  1. So you wanna come to Nevada eh? :) We don't have much more than couches at the moment but you're welcome to a free place to stay. And maybe by the time you guys make it out here we'll have a decent guest bed. :D

    organicsis at yahoo

  2. wow that is fantasic... I second organic sister...If you come to VA I will put you and your family up here. I am so inspired! Truely you have a monster heart. I cannot wait to hear your stories and adventures. I hope to be right there with you one day...traveling and helping impoverished communities. HUGS!

  3. The place I live, New Zealand, isn't even on that map! But I imagine if you grew up in Australia you consider you also grew up in NZ ;-)

    I love the sound of your dream. It's beautiful.

  4. And if you come all the way to Nevada, you might as well just pop up to Idaho and visit with us :-)

    Your dream sounds wonderful. I've long had an attraction to a sort of all-inclusive life, where you work and live and teach and farm all together. Co-housing, Camphill, etc. have always drawn me. Now we just need to pay off our debts so we can be free to do so....

  5. I'll be in Washington State soon, you're welcome there, too. if you visit British Columbia, I'll be right next door! Where'd you make that groovy map? I wanted to add "wish list" of places to visit on mine, but couldn't see how to. We have similar requirements for travel :0). I think Paris is next on our travel list as well. Even tho' I've already been, DH hasn't and is anxious to get there. Love the "Touch the Art" books, too!

    Our "retirement plan" is the Peace Corp (or equivalent). We just hope our mind/bodies will hold up so we can be good candidates in our 60's! :-)

  6. When you are in British Columbia, let me know and I'll drive over and meet you for tea. Make sure you venture on to Vancouver Island when you are there. Beauty beyond imagination is store for you there. I love your map. I so want to visit Australia, India and South America. And too many other places to mention here.

  7. Oh wow! lol I didn't expect bed and tea offers.

    The map's 'places I want to visit' are places at the top of the list. But I'll love to visit a lot more of Africa and one day a road trip across America would be very groovy.

    Jumbleberry, check the 'Stuff' link for details of the map.

  8. That's a fantastic dream...and knowing you, achievable too lol. I know Wildflower will have a wonderful childhood experiencing all these places for what they are, not what the tourist board of a particular country wants you to see, and learning the love, respect for other our precious earth and the many cultures that inhabit it.

    In my teens I considered becoming an aid worker so that I could travel the world and help out at the same time (my ultimate dream destination was Bhutan, which had a closed border at the time). Then other stuff happened (boys lol). I'm not able to travel as much now as I would have liked but hope to in the future.

  9. We look forward to travel once the boys are a bit older too. We hope to take some time to live/travel on the road in our own country, and then live a year at a time perhaps in Europe (husband with dual citizenship)...where we can launch out to other trips from that base. We'll see...some day! :)

  10. Cool map. I think your "Ultimate Dream" is a fabulous idea!

  11. I love your dream. It's one I've had often also. And it is very possible to achieve too.

    We share similar dream destinations it would seem. And apart from South America and India, I think we've been to a lot of the same places also...

    And of course, if you're ever down this way, you know you'd be very welcome...(tea and a bed, also possible wine, music, dance and cackling - whatever takes your fancy).

  12. Well, I know your travel plans are already pretty big, but I have to say, if you are going to Nevada, you have to jump over to SW Utah and visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (OK, that's actually in Arizona but it's close), Zion National Park and Bryce. The picture from my Feb review was from Zion. I think Zion/Bryce are the most amazing places in the world. I haven't traveled the whole world though so I guess I am biased. That's where our 'dream house' is and we hope to live in it full-time someday.

    Also, thanks for the map tip, I want to make one too.

  13. Oops, I forgot to mention Habitat for Humanity -

    Maybe you already found them. A friend built houses for them in several different places, and thinks the world of the organization...

  14. I see others have mentioned their own places so this is not original of me, but if you ever get to Minnesota you're more than welcome at my place! I too have been longing for travel, and just this week decided to just start planning it. Throw all my usual caution to the wind! In Summer of 2010 we are going to stay 1-2 months in Alton, Hampshire, England where my ancestors came from. We'll travel from there to Ireland, Scotland, France, wherever else we can make it. So there, now my intentions are posted in one more place. Dream it and you will do it!

  15. You are right, the world is a fabulous place and I too can't wait to show it to my children.
    My son already loves to 'visit' other countries through atlases and books and sucks it all up like a sponge.
    I love to see the magic through his eyes.

  16. Wow.. I am just in awe of your life. I have never even been out of the United States! Your little wildflower is going to have so many amazing memories growing up! Not to mention all the exciting and fascinating stories you will become a part of along the way. As you mentioned too though, books are such a wonderful way to travel without leaving your home! :)

  17. You're welcome here if you ever chance to pass through. You seem like a person well worth meeting IRL.

    I want to travel all over with my children, but that's clashing with my homesteading lifestyle. My husband's not a traveler, so I'd get to do it alone with the kids. He has expressed interest in working with Heifer, Intl, though, when we have no kids left at home. That would be an experience.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm so glad to have found yours!

  18. Blessings on your dream, Mon. Wow. I can really see you manifesting all of this, and I can't wait to read about it each step of the way. As you know, I too share a passion for travel, and can't wait to share my love of the nomad life with my man, and a little spirit. The kids I met traveling had such beautifully broad and accepting perspectives. Their minds are like sponges with other languages too! What a world you will show your Wildflower. xx

  19. I came across this site a while ago and it looks like it's right up your alley.

  20. Here is the blog that linked me to that site originially.

  21. Well, looks like we'll have to make that road trip across the States - just to meet all you lovely people! And then hop on back over down under, lol.

  22. I'd love to have a visit with you when you come to BC. I'm on Vancouver Island. We could chat about organic holistic parenting stuff and I could show you my favorite wildflower meadows. All the best.

  23. We're in Chicago, and we are excellent city guides if you're interested.
    Also, wanted to add, we started traveling with our 19 month old when he was two months. He's been a lot of places and taken 10 airplane rides. And it's paid off. He gets really excited about traveling and adjusts really well to wherever we go. I think we've sparked a travel love in him.
    And -- the carrier on my blog is a Freehand Mei Tai. I would suggest something a little more padded, though, for a toddler, especially if you'll be traveling. A Kindercarry or Bamberoo (both mei tais) are great choices. If you want a buckle carrier, I would suggest a Pikkolo or Ergo. Hope that helps. But you can't wear buckle carriers through airport security.
    I love this travel post!


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