Monday, March 2

first amigurumi

Well, sort of. It's a crocheted soft toy that was made using amigurumi techniques. But it certainly ain't small & cute.

I didn't follow a pattern, I just made it up as I went along. I started with learning a couple of basics and thought I would make a ball as practice. This then turned into - I might as well make something - and the daschund was born. He certainly amuses the Husband I. Me because he isn't perfect, he because I made a soft toy at all.

I used this video to learn the basic spiral and ball technique, and this video to give me an idea about making ears, which is essentially the same for basic legs and arms I realised.

The grooviest part was learning to crochet in a circle (or spiral to be exact). I can see how easy it could be to make a simple hat. For amigurumi, once you know how to do this, you know how to do amigurumi!

This spiral is about 2cm across.

I love the 2nd (ear) video's technique of starting the circle, very easy and efficient.

Then I learnt how to increase and decrease to make shapes.

Took me forever to find my weaving beads. A lot of our belongings are still boxed up and I hadn't thought that the beads were going to be needed. I liked the idea of using beads for eyes and noses. Makes things very easy. Although this one's eyes turned out weird.

Yes, I know he's creepy. He improves a bit.

The stuffing was from bits and pieces I saved.

I have an unfounded aversion to sewing, so was anxious about putting the limbs togetehr. It turns out it's very easy. Firstly, you're darning more than sewing, so it's yarn (nice and thick) and it's haphazard, just my style!
Meet Ralph.

Considering he was not only my first ever amigurumi, but also my first ever crocheted toy, and without practice as he was my practice, and I've only been crocheting a couple of weeks, not too bad really. Just goes to show how easy this technique is and I can tell ya that i'm totally hooked on amigurumi.


  1. You really made Ralph on your first go?? He's a very fine and cuddly-looking doggy gentleman.

    I haven't heard of amigurumi, but I'm imagining it's a Japanese technique?
    I'm definitely getting me a hook, (and a clear evening), and am going to sit down and learn a bit o' crochet.

  2. I'll better post about amigurumi!

    yeah, first go, which is why he's a bit, well, off. But still! lol

  3. you have a great blog! I like the amigurumi, very cute :) great job for a first one, I hope you keep making them, they are addictive!
    I just posted another one at my blog ;)

  4. What a cutie Ralph is lol. Btw, I'm a terrible at sewing but found a great youtube vid about joining pieces with slip stitches in a recent Down-To-Earth comment.

  5. I'm just now making an amigurumi jellyfish -- long chains make great tentacles :-) I never follow patterns either.

    I like your pup very much!

  6. Oh yes Carin, don't you just love that? It's not sewing at all, just more crochet! woohoo! lol

  7. Ralph is lovely, and I can't resist it any longer, I MUST learn to crochet. I've had the amigurumi book in my Amazon trolley for ages and I've held back because I have too much WIP but.....
    Off to watch some YouTube vids and order a hook.

  8. this little thing is sooo cute!

  9. Fantastic!
    My current project is a dragon - although he's looking abit dog like lol.

    And I've just finished and posted off a pair of soakers for a friend's baby. I was trying to find a pattern online but everyone wanted too much so in the end I decided to figure it out for myself.... that's what I love about crochet its so easy to make it up as you go along!

    Once you've got comfortable with amigurumi have a go at motifs and flowers...... and then go and do some freeform crochet - its fab (actually you're half way there anyway by making up your own pattern )


  10. Ohhh I've just noticed something.. you've done him on the wrongside... not that it really matters, but if you want to use the "rightside" just turn the spiral inside out and continue working that way - um does that make sense?

    It will make life a bit easier as you progress and do things like working in only the back loops for a row so you have a nice row of stitches to work into with a different colour for a skirt/trousers etc.



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