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Some stuffs for weekend perusal...


It's Earth Hour tonight. But please, use beeswax candles otherwise the whole eco point goes right up in smoke!


If you can afford these, what a brilliant way to keep children busy at a party!

How do you feel about morning after pills
advertised where children view them?

Did you hear about Dora getting a new look? Well, it looks like all the outrage that girlfriend was going to end up a ho, may have curbed Mattel's original plan for this chick. She seems quite tame in comparison to Bratz dolls. I wonder if the leggings were a PR addition?

They said, "Girls really identify with Dora and we knew that girls would love to have their friend Dora grow up with them, and experience the new things that they were going through themselves."

Erm, what, like plastic surgery, major weight loss, lip injections, and hair highlights by age 10?

I'm considering a plate like this for the Wildflower's future eating escapades.

Social Media

Oh good, drug companies can feel better about pushing online now.

You might feel better knowing about the recent research on online security for young people.

Are your children using mobile phones? Have you heard about sexting and it's consequences?


WAM! 2009 will be exploring how,
"We all belong inside some communities or networks and are new to or feel excluded or alienated from others. The tension that exists between insiders and outsiders to any given movement, identity, industry or ideology can be destructive, but it can also be harnessed toward mutually beneficial change."


Scribd is the place where you publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents. Found: Jamie Oliver's Sainsbury's Cookbook.

Love new learning possibilities that reflect how we learn

Eye candy at lolleyland is a website about books for teen girls.

Did you know...

In 1993 there were a few dozen antibacterial products. Today there are more than 9,000.
In 2005, scientists concluded that antibacterial soap is no better than regular soap at preventing infections.


  1. neat! thanks for all the information. that's crazy about dora. i always liked how normal she looks. it's as disappointing as watching healthy looking celebrities lose weight after becoming more famous.

  2. Ugh. Dora. I could say something stronger than ugh but shall restrain myself. What a huge disappointment this news is. Surely Dora is a cartoon character for preschoolers? Surely the whole point of her was that she appealed to both genders? Surely girls don't grow up with Dora, they grow away from Dora? Are they trying to expand the market awareness of preschoolers or expand their market into tweens? How can she go tramping and adventuring with those silly slippers? Oh, so much more I could say ...

  3. thanks for the beeswax candle reminder for earth hour tonight...DH and I have our red wine ready, but I didn't think about the candles we would use...I am still a green for the rest, I could rant on several of them, but will restrain...having just spent all day yesterday at Disneyland with visiting family, my brain is spinning from an overload of maxi-force child marketing...I don't even know where to start

  4. At first I thought the new Dora was kind of nice, more realistic and less cartoony. But I don't know much about her -- if she's targeted at toddlers primarily, then it is weird to make her look older. I guess that's typical, making kids look up to the older ones, though not necessarily in a healthy way!

    Why are children looking at in the first place?

    I think people who transmit nude pictures of their ex-girlfriends are not child pornographers! There should be a consequence, but a permanent felony record and being labeled a sex offender is not it.

  5. You commentary on dora was great and thanks for the lolleyland link. I love that art!

  6. So many goodies here! I will have fun exploring these links over the next little while.

    We did Earth Hour, (and don't beeswax candles smell wonderful? That's a fun project for children to make also).

    Dora does horrify me. She's much less androgynous than she was, which I thought was partly the point and attraction of her.

    We're not that familiar with Dora chez docwitch though because she's only on commercial tv, and The Moon has existed in a sheltered little ABC ghetto her whole life, without exposure to the commercial channels. That probably sounds a bit weird, but we're happy with our choice to not tune in.

    The antibacterial obsession has concerned me for a while now. Some are even linking the rise in childhood allergies to factors such as this, (if not in isolation, but potentially as a contributing factor).

  7. I agree with docwitch re the antibacterial obsession. My stepsister is OCD with all things cleaning and germ-related, and her son has been raised in an uber-'clean' environment. Needless to say, he has several serious allergies, and gets sick constantly. Not to mention how sad it must be to grow up with a fear of getting even slightly messy.

    Dora. I felt a bit of a melancholy sigh of innocence lost, when I saw that pic. How hard to be a girl growing up these days, with all this scary bombardment and manipulation. Can't you just imagine the Dora execs sitting around the table, working out ways to mould and pimp her? Ugh.

    And don't get me started on teen plastic surgery (and gastric banding surgery).

    Glad to extend my ranting to your blog!

    On a less serious note, love that kid's bowl and gorgeous art.

    Thanks for the great post, Mon. x

  8. As always I appreciate your thoughts. Along the line of some of your post ... I am helping to start a new project called Beautiful Like Me, designed to help children with their self image. Maybe you would like to join in, there will be topics for everyone to discuss. I am really excited to hear many opinions and thoughts! Details are at my blog today!

  9. Hep everyone!

    Sol y Luna - I love nothing more (except chocolate) than providing more room for others to rant, lol.

    Amy - over to check it out.

    Mommymystic - you don't want to get me started on Disney.......

  10. Hi! The new Dora is a disappointment. I watched cartoons for an embarrassingly long time, but the ones I liked best were the adventure ones.

    The whatnotoknit blog is hilarious.

    I developed an allergy to anti-bacterial soap. How about the little kids getting alcohol poisoning from licking Purell off their hands? Isn't the friction of rubbing your hands supposed to kill most of the germs, anyway? We use regular soap or just plain water around here.

  11. New Dora is definitely a disappointment. And I really dislike the modern obsession with anti-bacterial everything. But loved the yummy links :)


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