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vaxing for dummies, chp1

After my initial mention of vaccinations, I got to thinking that some posts on it would be a good idea for me. Although I have a ton of info in my head about it all, it's a bit muddled so that when I find myself in conversation I forget certain points or don't explain it as well as I could. So in writing it out, I hope to simplify it and set things straight in my head, as well as help anyone else who is interested.

So for this post I just want to make five quicks points.

  1. I am not anti-vaccination, I am pro-education.

    I appreciate that however suspect vaccinations are, they do serve a purpose by saving the lives of hundreds of children and adults in underdeveloped countries.

    I believe in educated choices. So a doctor scaring me into giving them to my child is not enough of a reason. And a doctor is NOT a source of education. Ask most doctors what the ingredients are and they cannot tell you.

    I feel we should have ready access to all information on the subject. We don't.

  2. I am pro-choice.

    I don't believe the state should dictate to me what goes into my child. They do.

    I don't believe any parent should push their agenda or beliefs onto others. They do.

    I feel that we ought to have the right choose no vaccinations, all vaccinations, delayed vaccination, and separated vaccinations. We don't.

  3. You can read/hear great points for each side of the debate.

    While one study will indicate a link between vaccinations and autism, another will debunk it.
    I never understand a person who says, 'oh, that's been debunked'. I don't understand it because I am not so ready to believe researchers. Who funded the study? What was their vested interest?
    For every 'study' out there, there is another that claims the opposite. Remember when fats were evil? Unlike many people in our society, while I listen to it all, I don't pay homage to science.

    Likewise, there is little point in arguing in the Comments, because we just end up going in circles and almost everyone can find a study or resource to back up their claim.
    Opposing views ARE welcome, I relish them. But be very specific. If you have a larger agenda, start your own blog.

  4. Media (or other) scare-mongering

    A pet peeve of mine. Much like science, we tend to bend too easily to media 'education'. The media has a purpose, to gain viewers through stories. Scare-mongering works.
    They are also agents of the state and/or business moguls.

  5. Immunisation and vaccination are not the same thing.

    An easy misunderstanding.

    Immunisation (also immunization) is the process of becoming able to resist infection.
    Vaccination is a method by which to achieve immunisation.

    It is not incorrect to talk about immunizing someone when you are referring to having someone vaccinated, but it is highly misleading. And it's an important distinction.

I will chat further on a couple of the points above. Stay tuned.


  1. or, "hear! hear!" (both apply ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to more... it helps me to organize my thoughts too!

  3. Not vaccinating our first child (the next three were way easier!) was the hardest decision we ever made as parents. For all the reasons you touched on above. There is no 'right way', and you are so right, education and having a choice is what's most important. And while it's a subject I NEVER bring up due to it's extreme reaction (both ways), when it does come up I always wish I could put the words together succinctly...
    Thank you for such a succinct post!

    And in case you are interested, our four are considerably less ill then a lot of their peers! I do believe breastmilk is natures way of doing it.

  4. we vaccinated the Moon but had quite a battle getting the vaccinations delayed and separate. I encountered a lot of out and out bullying from nurses and doctors about it.

  5. Unfortunately, I started questioning our daughters' doctor regarding vaccinations late. Our oldest, Caleigh, had all her shots up until her 5th birthday. Our 2nd, Cadence, had all her shots until her 1st birthday. Then she has an unusual reaction. At that point I started reading everything I could regarding vaccinations. It's all so confusing and it seems like everyone in the medical/education profession seems to think every shot is absolutely necessary and the more the merrier!

    We are supposed to get Caleigh's kindergarten check-up and vaccinations soon and I keep putting it off because I don't know what to do about the shots!

    Help! Does anyone have any advice or more reading material that could give me some additional clarification!?!

    I have to say, we are leaning towards MMR (although our doctor says no one makes them separately), DTap (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis)and IPV (polio).



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