Thursday, February 12


  • You know how it was a new moon in Aquarius? And how that can set off ALL manner of stuff? And how it's an 'I dare you' sort of challenge?
    Well, holy bovine! has this cycle been exactly that for me. My life was so 'fixed' at the moment, that I had wondered what could possibly be so daring for me. Well, the universe answered, thank you very bloody much.
    But my head is too tired this morning, so I'm going to keep that rather heavy post until next time, or something. It involves long lost relatives, sigh...

  • I bought myself an apron! Yup. Will get photo soon. I wore it last night making a curry for friends.

  • I have an entirely different LibraryThing for each different blog (there's a 200 book limit you see, plus the titles are so vastly different....) I'm still updating and organising them...

  • Don't mind the chaos around here as a play with new backgrounds.

25 random things about me
(ah, why the 'ell not ay? I've ignored it on FB so far)
(inspired in no small part by the Vague one and the Feline)

1. I stopped wearing a watch back in 1983. I decided I was anti-time or something. And then I wore two watches on one wrist that had no clock bits in them, as some sort of ironic fashion statement. It was the 80's so I got away with it.

2. I'm one of the few people I know that doesn't complain about the winter weather. To me, it's nature and all that, plus more reading time.

3. I read tarot and coffee granules, but struggle to get people to understand that it is a tool picking up What Is and What is Possible from What Is Right Now, rather than a psychic predictive fortune telling device.

4. I adore dancing. I love doing it and totally lose myself on a dance floor. I belly dance but have never done it in front of anyone. I love watching others dance and will play back to no end tango sequences on films. I watch many awful films just because they have a lot of dancing in them.

5. To say that I love to cook doesn't cut it. I have to cook. It's not just fun, a creative expression, nurturing and such, it's also my mystical expression, something akin to Like Water for Chocolate. But when it becomes a chore I refuse to do it most of the time.
art work: Jhinuk Sarkar

6. I come from a long line of threaders. Sewing, knitting, hand weaving, whatever. It ties the thoughts to the desired reality. It took me many years (being thread challenged, and having a non-threading mother) for me to take up the thread. Now I'm diving in with tons of gusto and very little talent.

7. I feel residual energy left behind in places. But when in the Egyptian tombs, I felt nothing. Weird.

8. I have always felt that I was born 20 years too late.

9. As a Fearer of all things Exercise, I would have been a marvelous Elizabeth Bennet type. I would have been adept at reading endlessly, doing a spot of arty something, and when time came for my morning 'exercise' (a gentle walk around the grounds) I would have been a genius at it. If it weren't for my inability to keep my mouth shut, my unwillingness to adhere to social norms, and my awful singing voice, I might have been considered a quite accomplished young lady and a worthy match.

10. I have several notebooks/journals which are so lovely that I can't bare writing in them.

11. I don't believe in a hierarchy of spirituality. That is, no Higher Power. I believe in a central force of energy that everything is a part of. That energy/power is available to everyone.

12. My long hair is like another limb. Not that I can pick things up with it or kick things, no, that would be circus worthy, just that I would feel lost without it.

13. I dislike small-talk (sorry Doc). I understand it's place, I can do it (even very well), but I don't like it. Simply because it's not natural to me. I want to get to know the real you, I want to discuss the Meaning of Life. For me, it's like nibbling around a piece of cake. All quite amusing I'm sure, but I want the huge bite and to taste the innards. I just get antsy waiting for the real taste. It's my Saturn placing I think.

14. The last time I wore high-heels was sometime in the 90's.

15. Despite being boringly profound a lot of the time, I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. Most of my school reports include statements such as, 'a disruption to the class'. I was busy making people laugh. I also watch many comedy shows. I like silliness, but Monty Python style, not Ben Stiller style.

16. I've held a weird desire to live in Maine for the longest time. I've never been to USA, but I enjoy the idea of one of those rambling Victorian New England homes, has to be overlooking the sea, and on the outskirts of a small fishing town. I would visit Stephen King's home and stalk him. But the weather needs to change so that there is no snow - too cold.

17. I enjoy waves against rocks and cliff faces. And a deserted beach on a wintry day. But I don't sun-bathe or particularly desire to be on or in the water. Now that we live in such a place, I can't imagine living inland again.

18. My first work experience at school was at a local newspaper office. I ended up tagging along with the resident photographer, getting a photo with a python around my shoulders, and having said photographer try to kiss me in the darkroom.

My time of day is the dark time...

When the street belongs to the cop
And the janitor with a mop
And the grocery clerks are all gone

When the smell of the rainwashed pavement
Comes up clean, and fresh, and cold
And the streetlamp light
Fills the gutter with gold

That’s my time of day.

Frank Loesser, My Time of Day

20. Most people are surprised to learn that I'm very organised (when I want to be). They think of me as easy-going hippy, and seem rather put out that I can organise anything, anyone, any time. I take immense pleasure at seeing other people organise things too.

21. The most physical pain I've ever felt was not surgery, or fracturing an arm, but the tattoo on my back. Having the Peruvian tattoist sing loudly (and badly) and shout at MTV while he was doing it helped a little. However, having another back-packer who proclaimed, 'ooh on the back, yeah, that hurts', didn't.

22. I can justify the purchase of any book at any time.

23. I relish, and require a lot of, silence.

24. When I see a large substantial bookcase I always wonder which book will open the secret doorway.

25. I tend to get along better with men than women, or with 'masculine energy' women better than girly women.

26. I often break the rules.

Go ahead, join in, ya know you want to.


  1. I love this Mon, it's nice to get to know you better.

    #3. I used to read tarot years ago, but now I visit with oracle cards mostly. And yes, it is hard to help people to understand them. I use them only as a guidance tool. And they are pretty to look at. lol

    #8. Me too... or even 40 years. Sometimes 100 years. I just feel like now is not my time. But I embrace it all the same.

    #11. Would love to hear more about your ideas on this one.

    #16. YES! This is me totally, although I can also see myself living a few other places. The house I would live in in Maine would be the exact house that was on Practical Magic. Love that house!

    Thanks for sharing Mon!!

  2. I can completely relate to #8, #10 and #13.

    Thank you for sharing "you" :-).

  3. But you know what happens to people who stalk writers, don't you?! (especially Stephen King)...
    ...and the book thing, oh yeah... Amazon One-Click ordering has a lot to answer for...
    And tarot... do you do remote readings? Might be just the thing I need right now... let me know if you're interested...

    Nice to know more about you xx

  4. #8 - I know what you mean, but don't you think the sixties were just a like a preview? that the real change is happening now, because the stakes feel so much higher and time so much shorter? I like the intensity, although sometimes it is draining...
    #13 - 100% can relate...when picking my kids up from preschool I practically force myself to smalltalk, when I really want to ask 'what do you believe in?','what makes you tick?','what do you think is happening to the world?''what will it be like for our children when they are our age?'
    #14 me too
    #22 me too
    #23 me too

    Fun, thanks for sharing.

  5. Sara - yes, there are so many gorgeous cards out there.
    The image is from PM! lol

    Nadia - just what to do with all those notebooks? Besides look at and feel them.

    MM - oh yes, this age is amazing, we have so many more opportunities and so much awareness now. it' more a feeling of being misplaced due to lifestyle I think.

  6. Hi Mon, thanks for visiting and your sweet words!

    I love what I see here, and relate to SO MUCH of what I see and read here. I'll be back!

  7. Nice post Mon. God love ya! How come I never got to see you belly dance? You MUST teach me someday when we meet up again. A few glasses of rioja and we're all set! BTW, I don't know what happened when I moved here but my cooking skills (whatever I did have) completely vanished. I can't even follow a recipe to save my life. I need divine inspiration? Send me something/anything!

  8. I almost purchased one of these and I am still tempted although I can guarantee it will never be used because its just too beautiful to write in...

  9. Love your list! many interesting things that have further piqued my interest...

    2. I love winter too -lots of reading, (and snuggling under a quilt)...what's not to love? you have a favourite tarot set you like to work with? (I love the DruidCraft Tarot meself).

    5. completely with you on that one

    9. Had a giggle at that one. Perfect. EB has certainly got her priorities right hasn't she?

    12. Snap!

    13. Lol - ok, ok, I have to concede your point re small-talk.

    16. Maine! The Kitster and I wax lyrical about Maine. Innit gorgeous? with a REAL winter, (to an Australian that's way cool).

    20. I bow down before thee O Organised One. I wish I could claim that talent.

    22. Um, yes. Did that (again) today actually...

    23. Yup.

    24. heheeeeee...yes! And one day, that door WILL open!

  10. oh! Forgot to add...

    you bought an apron! Can't wait for the pic!

    Hope the heaviness is not too harrowing. Thinking of you.

  11. Well, where do I start?
    2. Me love snow long time.
    3. Druidcraft tarot rules.
    4. Dance - yes. Love it.
    9. Me too.
    16. Run away with me and Doc. We can sew and cook (well, you guys can) and read and grow stuff in our house by the sea.
    21. I have a back tattoo also - mine didn't hurt. Probably because it was a london backstreet tattoo slut who did mine, rather than a loud mad peruvian. What did you get?
    22. Books - like porn for the educated.

  12. No 4- me too, no 6- me too, no 7- me too to the first part, but haven't been to them tombs so wouldn't know. No 10- oh yes. They're art, not tools! No 11- yes and no, but that's a post for another day. No 16- me too. How odd we all want to live there! No 22- Amen to that! No 23- same as.

  13. #2: And don't forget all the snuggly sweaters!

    #9: But do you have FINE EYES? That would make up for a lot, you know.

    #12: Oh, yes. I made the HUGE mistake of cutting off my hair very short about 3 years ago, and immediately started growing it back. I feel much more like myself now.

    #16: Surprisingly, Maine isn't as cold as many other parts of the US -- the Gulf Stream helps with that.

    #17: For a year in college I lived on the Newport Peninsula in Southern California. Prime beach territory. I loved it best in winter, when I could walk down to the beach and there'd be almost no-one there.

    #23: Hubby and I are like that, and it's been a big challenge with two kids around. Two very verbal, chatty, LOUD kids.

  14. Anthomama - ooh, all excited about Maine's weather now. lol


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