Wednesday, February 18

tidbits #3 & meme

  • The Wildflower cut her 3rd tooth on the 16th. Wondering where that 4th is.

  • She also fell off the bed last week for the first time. Boy does that make you forget to breathe. I hadn't left the room, I hadn't left her near the edge, I hadn't turned my back on her, I wasn't more than a foot away. She just launched! She was fine, more shocked than anything.

    DIY Dad:
    See, accidents happen (not one to miss an opportunity)
    Me: your point?
    DIY Dad: well (thinking this may not have been his best move), next time, if it's me, you know, you can't bite my head off.
    Me: Yes I can, I'm her mother.
    DIY Dad: ....

  • We have 2 feet of snow up at the plot. No work today!

  • But the stone work is completed, hoo-bloody-rey. Pics to come.

  • Local health centre phoned asking why our baby isn't vaccinated, that it's the law, and that a health visitor will have to visit our home to check on the baby. Picked the wrong mama anyone?

  • There's a tango night here tonight, with actual Argentinian dancers performing. I'm not going and there is much pity around, as I'm the only mum without a babysitter. I'm very okay not having one.

The Omen (666): (love it, hopefully that should offend someone)

Go to the 6th folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same, linking back to the person who tagged you.

So is that the 6th folder on my desktop or in My Pictures folder? And do I count down the columns or across the folders? I just don't wanna break any rules, you know how I feel about following rules *chuckle* okay, get on with it Mon!

This is the cyclamen up near our plot. We are surrounded by woodland and have several woodland flowers. The crocuses are out right now, following the snowdrops.

I know boring.

I can't even fake count 6th from 6th because I only come up with gems like this:

Making breadcumbs.

(If you're squeamish look away NOW)

Or the most 'interesting':

The aftermath of hitting the radiator one sleep-deprived middle of the night with the Wildflower on my hip heading out of the bedroom for something or other.

Your eyes are glazed over like mine, aren't they? The sweet ones amongst you have been grappling with trying to think of something nice and supportive to say. Don't. They suck. You know it, I know it.

So in the words of Stewie Griffin, what have you learned?

Don't tag Mon for photo memes.

Tagging which ever reader wants to play.


  1. Hurrah for the stone work! That's excellent news, and you must be thrilled to have it done.

    Hehe. Well I enjoyed it. Looks like we attended the same school of photography then. Even so, that cyclamen is gorgeous!

    That's quite an injury - must have hurt like hell.

    Good on you for standing your ground with vaccinations. Are you doing a homeopathic alternative, or letting be?

    And as far as tango is concerned...I have to admit I would be shedding a few self-pitying tears over missing out on that one. Only because I have a rabid love for Tango.

    I've been tagged by a couple of people to do this, so I will get to it, and see what comes up. Hmm.

  2. Mine for OLM was a sloth at the zoo last year.
    My story was about like yours! :) I took pleasure in writing it.

  3. Well, am sure that health centre call went well. Ummm... sure. lol And as for the radiator incident... OUCH! Gave me chills looking at it. I need to do this meme too, but alas I am at work today (BOO) and no one wants to see what's in the 6th and 6th here. Maybe later on when I am home.

  4. Oh my, the vaccine thing sounds like it will make for some interesting blogs. Pls keep us updated on how it goes.

    I was totally going to do the photo meme thing but folder siz kept leadeing to one more folder and one more folder and finally I found that it led me to a rather *ahem* nice photo of my husband that I'm not allowed to share. Nevermind!


  5. just had to laugh at the bed/DIY Dad conversation, have had a version of that same exchange MANY for the fall itself, it seems like these things ALWAYS happen when we are RIGHT THERE!!!

  6. Ha! I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall when you got the call from the health visitor. Give them some grief lol! Hope the Wildflower isn't suffering too badly with the teeth.

    I'm with mommymystic, these things always happen when we are right there. Sod's law or something.

    Nowt wrong with pics of the beautiful cyclamen or making bread crumbs. Simple pleasures and all that :)

    Have to admit I have a similar pic of a stubbed/ very badly bruised/ broken toe in my collection after a run in with Fidget's high chair a little while ago. Bloody painful!

  7. Been trying to decide if I will have the little one vaccinated after birth. I am still very ignorant on the subject. Maybe someone in our little blogging community will do a post about it??? (hint, hint)

  8. Well...the cyclamens are pretty! :-)

    I'm glad the stone work is done...that must be a relief.

    What is the law on vaccinations there? It is so complex in the US, with each state handling it differently. Idaho is pretty open to whatever you want -- homeschoolers don't even have to register with the state or anything!

    Half the time babies fall down and for them it's nothing but mama almost loses it! Luckily they seem to bounce, you know.... :-)


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