Friday, February 13

thready things

So here's a pic of the apron as promised. Now, it's nothing fancy, and the photo isn't very good anyway. But it is a nice mix of chocolate and beige browns, with just enough pattern for interest. Very earthy.

And here's a pic of me knitting while the Wildflower catnaps.

And the yarn I received yesterday - goooooorgeously soft baby alpaca black, and organic cotton in sage green. I feel unworthy!


  1. All of these pictures are delicious!

    I don't know which is most scrummy...think it has to be the view of that little sleeping person as you knit.

    Love that apron. I. Want. One.

    And the wool looks out-of-this-world sublime. Whatchya going to knit up?

  2. It is SO soft. Had to stop myself from feeling it. I'm going for a scarf - but, I have a bit of a confession........ soon....

  3. Great piccies and the wool looks delicious!

  4. Great pics! Just love the catnapping one... and brings back yummy memories of reading lots like that when LO was baby.

    Scrummy yarn!

  5. Oh I love these pictures. I love the apron colors.

  6. Beuatiful apron! Once we get back to Virginia I'm going to make a serious effort at honing my "crafy" skills.

  7. that's "crafty"-not "crafy"! oops!

  8. Lovely photos -- are you chewing your lips? I notice I've been doing that when I knit, too!

    Can't wait to see your next projects...

  9. Loving your template experiments Mon! Nice work.

    It's a bit clever too, would love to know how you get blogger to use different templates, apart from the standard ones they offer. It's all strange and fiendish alchemy to me.

  10. Stacy, no I'm chewing my lip. I think that's just a shot of my finger. lol

    Doc - Use the Minima template, and then use a background from cutestblogontheblock, quite easy. I can create one for you too, I enjoy doing it.


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