Wednesday, February 25

the little fish

Part of my child astrology series.


This is a little bundle of gentleness. The little fish, unlike its sign suggests, is all softliness and cuddliness. There is nothing more sweet and snugly than a Pisces baby.

She will be incredibly sensitive. She will pick up your moods and of others around her. She will be sensitive to her environment and especially to noises. She will likely startle easily and cry easily. Although this sensitivity makes for a vulnerable baby, parents need to remind themselves that all babies need to explore, so that they may learn and to flourish. She needs mindful parents sensitive to her needs, not smothering.

Pisces is the dreamer sign. She enjoys company but will need plenty of quiet and alone time. The little fish has an enormous imagination, that during infancy needs quiet to begin to grow.

She will enjoy all that is gentle and soft; soft toys, silky fabrics, soft and melodic music, gentle games. This is not a rough-and-tumble type of baby. And she will ask for and relish in plenty of cuddles and affection.

Pisces is two fish swiming in different directions. This indicates the vagueness and fluidity of their thinking. She will likely be unsure of what it is she needs. So parents need to be extra in tune with their baby, and be ready with tons of cuddles if all else fails. The directionless fish needs guidance, and as infants they have a great need for feeling secure. They require encourgement. This is a baby that will thrive with co-sleeping, extended and on-demand breastfeeding, and babywearing. She does less well on routine but will instead thrive if you intuit her needs as they present themselves.


  1. Lovely! I feel like I need to very sensitive when it comes time to plan my second child's birth. My DS is a Scorpio and I want him to have a good match, as well as for DH (Virgo) and myself (Scorpio).

  2. I love this. My little fish is due in 8 days. I am going to print this out and put it in my birth binder to read while I am in labor, to help me imagine my little one. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this! My little one was born on the first day of Pieces and is definitely a sweet, cuddly little boy! It's wonderful!

  4. I love this, so so pretty :)

  5. Thanks Mon, my little Pieces boy was born last monday, and we are enjoying learning to read his signals and co-sleeping together.


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