Thursday, February 26

February Moodboards

Feb moodboard

Pisces new moon board
Pisces - deep dreams, wishes, motivations, soul needs.

For newbies, this is what it's all about. And a quick polyvore link.



  1. Wow! These are fascinating, and quite gorgeous. It's 1am, and I'm too tired to offer more than that right now, so I shall return post-sleep. Hopefully I'll have time to do mine too...

  2. Those are lovely! Thanks for the great explanation. I hope to join in the fun next time!

  3. Oh yes! I must get on this. Love your moodboards. Especially the picture of the door open. Love it!!

  4. Your boards are lovely Mon. Looks like there's lots of interesting stuff coming up for you.

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  6. All done. I just did the one looking forward this time. :)

  7. beautiful. i have to try this sometime


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