Tuesday, February 17


As many of us have been exploring our creative outlets, and as education is such an important topic for me, I thank April/nettlejuice for bringing this to my attention. It's too good not to spread around.

Even if education isn't an interest to you right now, it's worth watching for the ideas about creativity... and he's funny too.

And just about creativity, from an author I enjoy:


  1. I enjoyed these! I agree so much with Sir Ken Robinson!

  2. Mon, I counldn't watch the second video on your page. Do you have a link I could go to? I need to upgrade my operating system I guess, groan.

  3. Thanks for the links Mon. I hadn't heard of Sir Ken Robinson before, he's a very inspirational speaker and makes it all seem blindingly obvious... loved the story about the dancer. I had one teacher in all my school life who truly fostered creativity and modelled it to his students himself, he managed to teach the curriculum but in a truly holistic way. He was a One-Off. I find it hard to imagine that the Monkey will ever come across a teacher like him, and although it [formal education] is still a way off, I get to thinking how I can foster her creative spirit and ensure that it isn't snuffed out by conventional schooling.

  4. Heres' a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D0pwe4vaQo&eurl :)

    willow - We all dream of teacher's like that, they are rare and far between.
    I tried to find more of Robinson but didn't come up with anything, if anyone does, let me know.

  5. He has a newly published book:

    And this is his website:

  6. This guy is amazing. I loved his wisdom and he's so funny! Plus, he's English and that gets him many brownie points in my book. I've just tagged you with a fun photo meme. Swing by the blog and see what's what. I'd be very interested to see your entry actually, I suspect it would be very entertaining.

  7. These are great, thx for posting (and I loved your story part II also, just getting caught up on blogs tonight)...I just watched an Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) clip on writing with some similar themes that I loved...found it on another blog at

  8. Thanks for posting these Mon! I found myself nodding along and talking back to the screen lol. They really engaged me, particularly Ken Robinson.

  9. I love the Ken-ster. And The Bloke and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Amy Tan's vid. We had many a giggle, (and more than that). She is wonderful.


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