Sunday, February 8

be my librarytine

Valentine's day just doesn't do it for me. Probably no surprises there. Well, you know. The whole commercialism thing, cards, chocolates, flowers. I know many people have brought meaning to it, great. But for me, way too contrived and hallmarky. DIY Dad and I mark our meeting anniversary - the day we met, yup.

So February for me will from now on be Library Lover's Month. siiiiiigh

Second only to books. A thing of love, not just because they hold books for our perusal, but also because they are often things of beauty themselves. Many are architecturally divine, or at least interesting. And then there is that undefinable something. The sights and scents of knowledge, learning, everything organised, leather (woah there you!), escapism, infinite possibilities at your finger tips... The hush that is thick in the air, heavy with thinking, pondering and imagining.

In fact, I believe it was spotting the library in a local university back in Sydney that really inspired me to want to attend university. of course, when I did attend I discoveed most of the books were law tomes, vomit, but nevertheless.,.....

I've always harboured a little dream of having my very own library. When I was never bothered about owning a home, I wanted a building that could at least house my library. And it would have two levels, oh yes. A little ladder would help you reach the higher books, or if I was being really indulgent, there would be a 1st floor balcony level. orgasmic.....

As we are online, I have my little 'library' in my sidebar, with LibraryThing (although only about 1/3 way through with adding books). Anyone else fancy wasting hours putting their books online and sharing with me? I have a terrible lack of modern fiction in my collection. I am very fussy about which modern books I will pay money for, so I really need recommendations. I know we all have varying tastes, but sometimes a single title amongst many will fill a gap.

So, if you choose to be my librarytine, here's leaving you with some library candy...

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Strahov library, Philosophical Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

Biblioteca Geral University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal


  1. Ooh! You just know I'm in don't you? Right after I pick myself up off the floor following an ecstatic swoon.

    I'm overcome by all the book porn.

    Oh, and we don't do the Valentine's Day thing either. In my household it's referred to as F*** Off Day.

  2. The libraries are gorgeous. So beautiful! I like the thought behind Valentine's Day. But I agree that it is too commercialized, just like everything seems to become these days (sigh). But I can't seem to stay away from the sweetness of it. I am attempting to make a few chocolates this year for my loves. We'll see how that goes. lol

  3. My first ex-boyfriend's birthday was on that day has always left a sour taste in my mouth. hehe. I've always wanted to have my own library with the ladder too! A bookstore I frequent, Borders, has the ladders all throughout the store, but customers aren't supposed to get on them. It takes everything I've got not to "ride the walls" hehe. Working in a library is great most of the time - get to be surrounded by all kinds of books. But my library is nothing like those up there...Carnegie library in I think South Carolina is beautiful....I daydream about working in a beautiful library every once in awhile. How would it be hard to get yourself up to go to work when you work in something that beautiful?! :D

  4. lol @ Docwitch.

    Hey sara - chocolate is goooood, but who needs a day to be convinced of that? lol

    CK - it's not always ideal is it? I worked in a bookstore and while I got the chance to peruse lots of books, there was no time to sneak a read! blah!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, I have long dreamed or a library, including ladders - only slight prob is I have terrible vertigo and can't go up ladders.... but I can in my daydreams :P lol

    Mmm books, as a kid I use to spend hours in libraries - nothing as grand as the pics but just being surrounded by thoughts and ideas was inspirational.

    **I hate the idea of those electronic book pads.. know what I mean...... I want to hold a real book, not a computer!**


  6. Those libraries are absolutely stunning! I'm in love!

    I just stumbled across your blog today and am hooked!

  7. Hey Mon, Thanks for the feedback on my blog. It seems things lok differently on my end then others, so I changed the font size.

    I've always felt the same way about Vday - a commercial, made-up, guilt-inducing day to sell more crap. But then I figured I could enjoy it my way just like I do with any other holiday. And it is a nice reminder to do something extraordinary for loved ones. We have really unique plans for each other this Vday - despite the fact Justin is working (7 days a week right now)! :( I'm going to post it soon.

    I think the key is to find your own meaning in anything you do, instead of following the meaning someone else assigns.


  8. Joxy - uhoh, vertigo isn't good. But as it's a fantasy... how about a butler to retrieve the books for you?

    Nadia - welcome!

    Tara - yep, we can make anything what we want it to be! I'm a bit of an anarchist so prefer avoiding prescribed Days.
    7 days a week is harsh.

  9. Forgot to add that your post made me think of a lovely children's book my daughter loves by the name of 'The Library' (of all titles), by Sarah Stewart.

    The Wildflower may enjoy it when she's a bit older...

  10. now that's whaqt i call a library! stunning!

  11. I dislike Valentine's day's such a Hallmark holiday. But my kids are participating in events at school, so we have been making cards and will make some sweet treats for the end of the week. I just need to figure out how to describe it in a meaningful way to them.

    Leather? You crack me up! But "swoon" is how I felt when I walked into the university library here. It had been about 10 years since I'd been in one, and it felt like home :-)

  12. Oh yeah baby! I have to say that between you, me and Doc, we could have ourselves a lucrative book porn business. I love books so much and oh, libraries...oh...oh...oh. So beautiful, so quiet, so full of knowledge and all accessible to my greedy little fingers. Just scrummy. I'm in.


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