Monday, January 26

watery things

So the mold situation might be greatly improved. After Frugal Father's usual clean-up job, he painted over the MANY areas with anti-fungal paint. Fingers and various limbs crossed.

We discovered where the water from under the kitchen units was coming from - a slow leak under the sink. Can't move the sink unit so getting a plumber round. The water was slowly trickling underneath and we had to mop up at least twice a day. Both of us almost slipped a few times. Plumber says he'll be here tomorrow.

Now, the baaaaaad water problem. Seems we have a leak originating from the bathroom. We don't know whether it's from under the bathtub/shower, which has tons of water under there, or from another leaky pipe. But wherever it's coming from it first caused mold, now it's causing serious problems, possibly even structural. yikes.

The floor boards in the little room we use to store our boxes of possessions, and FF's bedroom have come right up. As if water is filling up underneath. The downstairs neighbour says there is water mark on her ceiling. So FF is letting the 'caretakers' (relatives of the owners back in Australia) know. The main floor is made from concrete, and we all know that this can wear with tons of water.

Either they'll ignore it - which is the usual way around here, but this is too serious we think - or they will do something about it. If the latter, we'll have to move out. Yep, boo.

We're lucky to have expat friends already on the look out for us. There may be two possible temporary accommodations available.

And then the rain, hasn't really stopped in days....

We are most definitely elementally out of balance!


  1. When we first moved into our house, it was all about water too. Faucets in the tubs, faucets in the sink, water leaks under the sink, washing machine. In fact, when ever something needs repair here it is usually still water-related - irrigation lines lately.

    I had a Feng Shui master come and check out our house. She said the water things = money. (Hence the phrase "money down the drain" she said). Not sure which comes first issues manifesting water issues or water issues affecting our money. Considering the cost of repairs, I'm obliged to think the latter. ;)

    Good luck with repairs.


  2. Ooo... not good. I hope all goes well and repairs can be made quickly. It is so frustrating when you are renting. I remember having so much trouble years ago when we had a pipe burst in a house we were renting. It didn't really seem to bother the owner that water was flowing from the upstairs bathroom, through the ceiling onto the main floor, through that floor to the basement. I can't imagine!!
    Good Luck!

  3. Yep, I told Frugal Father that all that money we are spending on building the house is manifesting in our apartment!

  4. Oh! That does sound urgent. We could do with some of your water here, and you could probably use a bit of our dry.

    Can't help thinking of this Aquarian water-carrier energy that's around at the moment. There's clearly a lot flowing in your life right now. May all that energy flow in the direction of finding the stones you need to finish building your home.

    All the best with resolving it quickly and well. What a headache. Take care!

  5. Oh, I hope that all gets resolved for you soon. It's hard with a little on in the house.

    Of course, I was just reading about a couple who moved to (very) rural Idaho in the 70s and birthed one of their children while they were building a house and living in a tent. So I guess discomfort is all relative :-)

  6. Where have I been?? Is this a new background/art on your blog? Love it! So sorry to hear about all the water problems. Hoping things get fixed up soon. Thanks for putting in to words how I've felt the past few years ("elementally out of balance"). I will be thinking about that this week and wishing us both some harmony


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