Friday, January 23


  • In the interest of simplifying and mental decluttering, I minimised my FeedReader from 211 feeds to 129.
    There's only so many hours in the day, and I want to read blogs that, along with those of the daily lives of bloggers like myself, add something to my life rather than just add more reading. Treehugger is a superb site but at 20+ posts every other day....yikes.

  • Knitting is giving me a lot of inner quiet that 'net surfing and reading and even cooking can't do. But it's still fraught with some stress and it's too adrenalin-producing still!

  • The Wildflower and I seem to have a new night rythm. I have started taking her to bed awake, but when I can see she's ready. That's about midnight recently. She has a feed then we lay together. I don't speak but might whisper a lullaby if she seems she's winding up rather than down. The lights are off. First night it took her 1.5hrs to sleep (gawd) but last night it was 10minutes. And, and, AND, she slept a solid 3hrs before waking. Might seem nothing to most, but to me it's pure luxury. Possibly more important is that she isn't so restless in the mornings either. That's what has always made me feel bad for her, that restless sleep.

    I don't know whether this improvement is just her as she's growing up, or also a combination of going to bed like this. I figured that for her sake, she could do with learning that laying down in bed when it's dark is okay to fall asleep. I have always rocked/walked her to sleep because nothing else would settle her down. Learning to fall asleep laying down will hopefully mean that when she wakes during the night she is secure in what laying there means.

  • DIY Dad's father (deda) is doing okay. He's out of hospital today and apparently on medication for 6 months.

  • Work on the house has slowed down because we've run out of local stone. It's going to be awkward finding similar stuff, in our price range. Otherwise, things have been moving foward at a steady pace.

  • Wildflower hit 9 mths and my baby is growing up! :( Still not on solids. Still not crawling. Sharp as a tack though.

  • We got a bunch of books from expat friends, whose kids have outgrown them, for the Wildflower as well as some for mama. Ah, free unexpected books..... bliss

  • DIY Dad keeps talking about an extended travel through Cuba...

  • I've perfected my blueberry muffin recipe.

  • One expat friend has left and although we'll keep in touch through the space of cyber, I'm going to miss our phonecalls.

  • Our purse strings are tighter than ever. The exhange rate 'twixt pound and euro is almost level. We had 30% more when we first moved here.

  • We're all happy and healthy, if tired.


  1. sounds like it helps you to become balanced if you makes lists - me too. I like lists, they make me feel organised, even if i'm not. And they helped me establish a rhythm with my little one - and that's priceless.

  2. Cuba would be an incredible trip!

    Good to hear that deda is on the mend.

    Those Wildflowers grow at an alarming rate...hold on to her for as long as you can.

    Knitting, (more) sleep, muffins, and books: these are Very Good Things indeed.

    Exchange rate is a bit of shit. So too is saying goodbye to friends.

    Hope you can get some more stones soon? Fingers crossing...

    Happy and healthy is the best, and what it boils down to isn't it?

  3. Sounds like a good time with the wildflower; we found that the witchling's sleep improved quite a bit once she realised that it's OK to go to sleep when still, rather than being rocked, which is what we'd mostly done up to that point. We still wake several times a night, but most nights include more sleep than not, which, these days, is what I consider acceptable! I feel for you with the blocks of three hours - that's about what we get, I think, and it just feels amazing when I think back a couple of months to waking every forty-five minutes to two hours, and normally with a big ol' stint of wailing in the middle. I think it's just that every baby reaches their own developmental milestones at their own pace; it's maddening that so many parenting books and health workers seem to think everyone does things at just the same time, and babies 'should' be sleeping through by six months or whatever.

  4. I'll bet the improved sleep is due to the combination of age and the new setup. My daughter always seemed to need to be walked and jiggled and sung to, and then at some point she didn't need all that any more. I'm so glad for you!

    I've been debating about culling a few things from my feed reader, mostly things that generate 15+ posts a day and aren't very personal, as you said.

    You're allowed to travel to Cuba? It's just funny to me that it's like this big taboo here. I wonder if that will change in my lifetime. I hope.

    Things are up and down...Deda is better, the economy is worse, the house is stopped in one regard, and muffins came out perfect. Life. Busy. Overall, good.

  5. Welcome Jodi,

    Yeah, I was doing the 45min waking just avfew weeks back Earthenwitch. It's a killer that's for sure. But, as I always say, these days are over so quickly, you just have to find the goodness in them when you can.

    Ha, the whole stupid USA Cuba taboo thing yeah, COMMUNISM, lol. It's very chilled out there.

  6. What a good way to do the sleep thing! I hope it keeps working.


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