Wednesday, January 14

staying put

I think I mentioned a while back that we had planned on going to England this January. We had actually planned on being there for the Orthodox Christmas on Jan 7th. However, the flights were very expensive (3x the amount of during the summer), the new house needs to be closed up at the very least (put in the windows and doors), and DIY Dad desperately needs to earn some coins. All in all, nothing was helping us go.

Seeing family would have been nice, having them see the Wildflower, most of them for the first time, would have been great (they were disappointed). Buying all the bits and bobs that we can't get here would have been really good (not a charity/thrift shop to be seen over here!). And most importantly, we had planned on getting the Wildflower some cranial sacral therapy.

CST is apparently very good for all manner of things. But the Wildflower seems to fit the description of the ideal baby for treatment. Her head is slightly askew, which includes one eye showing smaller than the other. I have no idea whether this occured during my c-section (how she was pulled out), or if it was due to her lying on one side for over 11 weeks.

The eye thing seems to be improving. I mean, it isn't a big deal at all. But the fact that things are this way anatomically means that her brain will be affected, even slightly. It could mean nothing more than sleep disorders (y'all know that saga), or high irritability, that sort of thing. It's one thing these aspects being part of her personality, and another thing altogether when it's happened because of external circumstances. We want, as all parents right?, to give her the best chances for everything.

So that was our real motivation for going back to UK, to get her treatment. There's no guarantee anything obvious would improve, but it's something, it's a chance. It's doing the best we can.

Lynn was extremely kind enough to ask her daughter's therapist for a referral near our home town. Which was very generous of her as we don't know each other at all and I had only visited her blog a couple of times. Don't ya just love the blogging community?

Anyway, we'll have to visit in the Summer, and although it's best to get treatment while they're babies (especially for actual cosmetic changes), it's still beneficial at any age. The Wildlfower will be about 15 months then, so that's fine.

A local stray dog befriended us, followed me home, spent the night sleeping at our front door (took him out a doggie blanket) and then was gone in the morning. DIY Dad had asked if he stuck around could take him up to the homestead when we move up. Of course! However, try as I might to help this dog out (bringing him food scraps and enticing him to follow me home), I noticed the other day that he seems happy as he is.

I've known this dog since he was a puppy. He's always been on the streets and knows no other way. He comes and goes as he pleases. He has enough to eat most days because people leave out their rubbish by the streets in easy access of the local domestic animals. He has other dog friends you see him mess about with, and he has a lot with which to preoccupy himself in a small but busy town.

He recognises me and always runs up for a quick cuddle, often laying on his back for a belly-rub, and taking a treat if I have it. He may not have all the comforts of a home, but Archie seems content.

Sometimes, we have to let life just Be, no matter how much we think we know what's best.

Keep an eye on the top of my blog page for notice on the next moodboard date. I'll also put it in a blog post before the time in case you're in a Reader. The next one is in about 2 weeks. So glad there's interest, this could be really fun.


  1. Sorry to hear you can't get "home" to England. Cranial sacral therapy is great. It really helped me with recurrent sinus infections. I know it's useful for many things. I hope you can get to it for the Wildflower soon!

  2. I hope you manage to get to the UK soon! The dog sounds cute ... :0)

  3. I was pleased to help:-)) Sorry you won't be able to get home as planned.I am sure the wldflower will benefit and it is just a matter of months isn't it.I have seen such benefits for Emily that I am having my first appointment on Friday!! I am looking forward to it and will report any benefits.;-)

  4. Oh, that's good to hear it worked for you Lisa.

    Shirl, Archie is a cool dog!

    Nice to see you Lynn. Definitely blog about how the therapy works for you.

  5. Sorry you won't get to go home this month. Hope you can make it soon.

  6. Hope your plans for a summer sojourn in the UK work out. Know what you mean about letting life just Be, and it can be a challenge to do so. CST worked out well for us with our little girl, (for sleep-related issues). Although I wish I we had had more sessions.

    I once knew a cat a bit like Archie. And I really wanted to adopt her, but she was much too happy being a wanderer. She had such a big, cheeky personality. Archie sounds like a great dog.

  7. Wordpress ate my comment!

    I know how hard it is to not be able to visit family. My husband's schedule for the rest of the year might preclude must travel, so we are pondering how to make that work.

    Could you say more about the CST and uneven eyes? I sometimes think my son's eyes are different, and he had a very traumatic birth.


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