Saturday, January 24

next moon moodboard

The next one will be for the 27th.

I have decided to do a two-part thing each cycle.

First, a personal board representing the previous month.

Second, a moodboard representing the new moon energy and thoughts about it for the coming month. The new moon is all about looking forward.

The next new moon will pass through Capricorn.
This will highlight the practical in our lives. What needs to be done today to realise our dreams, hopes, desires, in the future. It is about long term plans, finding security, laying foundations.
If you have already been doing that for some time, the new moon highlights appreciation for the hardwork and a time to rise above structure, bounderies, limitations, and perceived 'safety'. It is about using the base you've created rather than being confined by it.

Meditate on these thoughts as you create your new moon board.

Join me if you like, create one or both, up to you!

Check this post for what it's all about. Everyone's welcome!


  1. I so want to do this, I wonder if I can find the time!

  2. Using polyvore is relatively quick Amy. Unless you start to play too much. :)

  3. Have already got the other one started! Told you I was hooked LOL.

  4. I've certainly been feeling this Capricorn moon energy. Very appropriate.

  5. Just made my first mood board on polyvore. It worked out well. Nice and easy! Looking forward to sharing it and seeing others.

  6. I have so much work that I would love a creative distraction and motivation to procrastinate. ;) MIght join you!


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