Sunday, January 11

natural teething remedies

If you have a teething child you know the feelings of sleeplessness, anxiety, and heartache at your little one's pains. Not all children have a horrible time of it, but most will have at least some discomfort.

I wanted to share the two things I used during her first teeth (now out and looking too cute).

Firstly, chamomile tea, organic of course.
Please note that there have been extremely rare allergic reactions to chamomile.

Chamomile is a natural relaxant, also good for fevers. It is very mild so it's great for babies.
Make the tea as normal (do not sweeten), then dilute it down to about 10% for newborns, 20-30% for up to 6 months, then 50-70% for 6-9 months.
Another way for baby to gain chamomile's properties is for a breastfeeding mother to drink the tea, full strength, and then nurse her baby.
I find that chamomile works best on irritable, angry, whining babies. Less so on 'quietly suffering', weepy babies. And on high-strung babies the effect is very mild, if hardly detectable. But worth a try!
Secondly, clove bud essential oil.

Clove bud oil is a natural analgesic, and it's also antiseptic. On it's own, it is too strong for babies' gums so you will need to dilute it in a base oil. Try 4 drops in 1tbs base oil. I used grapeseed oil because it is very penetrating. I would steer clear of possibly allergenic oils such as wheatgerm, and olive oil is too thick. I just used a finger tip to rub it on.

It provides only temporary relief, but it can take the edge off during the worse pain or irritability. This remedy was vital to us because she just wouldn't chew on anything at all. (we all know chewing on wet and/or cold rags or teething toys helps)

There are also homeopathic tablets and gels available, which we did not try.

Other than that, I gave her extra cuddles and we slept even closer in bed, all night in my arms. Don't underestimate the power of your touch and soothing voice. Most of us feel better for a hug, but for babies and infants it's part of their natural needs.

And after all that, here is the best photo I could manage of the new nashers...



  1. !!

    Look at that gorgeous little Wildflower! She's changing so quickly! Teeth can transform their wee faces too...what a darlin'!

    Isn't chamomile the best? It's long been our go-to for all sorts of ailments, and for when a child is generally out-of-sorts and fretful.

    My little girl didn't really have teething issues, but despite being a cheerful soul, she's always been a little high-strung and excitable, (like her mother I'm afraid), and so we have often resorted to chamomile and lavender. I still pop them in the water whenever she has a bath. And she now sleeps with a little pillow stuffed with those herbs too.

  2. My friend use to burn camomile oils to help her autistic son sleep - he was on the maxiumum amount of medication he was allowed to help him to switch off and sleep... add the camomile oils burning and it worked a treat.

    If breastfeeding is possible,it is the best thing I've found to sooth a fretful teething baby - only thing to watch out for when they clamp down..ouch ouch ouch. Odd enough though, my little 'un hurt much me more clamping down when he was toothless than he does now as a 2yr with teeth.

  3. That is a gorgeous photo btw. :-)) Aren't babies the best!

  4. Wildflower looks absolutely adorable:-) This brought back so many memories of when Emily was teething.My knowledge of using herbs is limited but I am looking forward to learning more here.xx

  5. I have been looking into these Amber Teething Necklaces - - they were recommended by a mom of triplets that said they worked like a charm!

  6. Amy, I've heard good (although mixed as well) things about them, but I try not to buy precious stones any more.

  7. Look at those teeth! What a sweet little Wildflower.

  8. What a gorgeous cutie you have! You forgot one little helper ... rubbing a bit of whiskey on the gums. haha...j/k.

  9. oh yes! All the 'old lot' do that. That's what the in-laws advised.

  10. My dad told me to do that....I just couldn't bring myself to do it...stuck with orajel for babies and frozen teething rings.

  11. The homeopathic remedies never seemed to work for us, but clove oil did a bit, but best of all was chewing on cold things.

    Sweet smile!

  12. I have used all above remedies and find at different times they have all helped. You are lovely generous soul to share. I love your posts..xx

  13. I agree with the hugs & the chamomile, haven't tried cloves for teeth
    but the very best things for our wee one was the homepathic remedy. Brilliant & worked within moments. And of course loads of hugs & extra patience.


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