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Okay, there's some interest in this so let me share with you what it's all about.

I'm a person who loves putting bits together, like scrapbooking. However, I just never get around to buying the bits-n-bobs and even with said bits-n-bob in the house, well, I don't know what it is but I just never get around to it. However, I've recently discovered digital scrapbooking and found the perfect medium for me. I love computers and find it easy to sit there and do stuff like that. I haven't started yet, but I'm collecting free samples every once in a while.

Aaaaaaanyway..... moodboards are similar, in that they are digitally created. So nothing to buy! (very eco, no?) But they are also an entirely different thing, and very different in style and intention.


I love using images to express my moods. I especially love to combine words and images. My moodboards are images and words that express: moods, dreams, hopes, preoccupations, events, thoughts, words I just enjoy or poetry.

As you can see, almost anything goes really. My monthly moodboards were an idea to create a moodboard that expressed my experiences with the previous month. Like a snapshot in a way.

I would love to see other bloggers' creations.

So if you want to give it a go....

You can use any digital image software (such as Photoshop).
With such software you have a lot of control and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination and knowledge of the program.
However, for something truly EASY and free, use what I use, Polyvore.
It's easy in how it works, but it also means you don't have to search for images (especially for images that are not copyrighted, which can be very time consuming).
I save my created board with Print Screen and then paste it into a Paint canvas (every Windows pack comes with the Paint program).
Trim it, upload it to Photobucket or Picasa and edit it there (to resize, etc).
However, if all that seems too complicated, I believe that you can save the board in Polyvore and then post a link to it in a blog post (try the previous link, should work). Not the same thing, but it's an option.

That's it really.

Read further if you fancy some more details on moodboards.

Moodboards are used by all sorts of creative and design people. They're used to express visually a basic idea or feeling, or, well, mood. It can later be interpreted into an interior scheme, a piece of clothing, or a video game, for example. But moodboards can also be intensely personal and even a form of spiritual creativity.

You can approach it as purely a craft/art. In this way, you might be most concerned with creating something beautiful or striking. You might be focused on colour harmony, image composition, and final appearance.

You could approach it as something purely emotional or spiritual. Very random with no regard for colour schemes and so forth.

You could combine the two.

You could give it tons of thought and spend a lot of time searching/creating the perfect image, or you could quickly snap up images that grab your attention and see what happens with that.

My idea is focused first on an emotional and/or spiritual exercise. It is a way to purge troubles, heal wounds, express joys, put out there my dreams and hopes, and to see our internal self revealed. Sometimes, all the blogging in the world doesn't come close to capturing your experiences. Unlike (most) blogging, this is a non-linear exercise. So while it can be totally artsy, it should express something of myself and my feelings.

As a form of art or personal exercise, the idea is that the image speaks for itself. We don't explain it. Just as art in a gallery is owned by the viewer, the image can speak differently to different readers. And this can be part of the enjoyment. If you created something melancholoy but it makes another blogger feel joyous, that's interesting!

But don't let any of this make you think that it's really serious. It can be if you want, but it certainly doesn't have to be. It should be fun! My last moodboard included some profound feelings as well as some totally mundane stuff that happened last month.

If a few bloggers join in, I like the idea of occassionally having a theme, just a thought.

Lastly, my 'month' is new moon to new moon. If you joined in, would you prefer doing it at the end/start of the calendar month or moon month?


  1. I would love to join in on this. I can see this being very good for the soul. And can't wait to try out Polyvore. I would very much prefer a Moon month, but I'm ok with either way.

  2. This is a great idea... I really need a visual creative outlet right now. I used to do this with posterboard and old magazines but this is great! I too would like it to be a Moon month.

  3. I have not done scrapbooking (mostly cos all that glueing and reglueing seems to much like to much time) but this looks really interesting. I would like to work moon to moon.

  4. I use moodboards to present creative to clients all the time. I love the idea of using that concepting tool for artistic and personal development. :)

  5. This is so cool! Thanks for the links. I have Picasa so I'll check out the link and try it out soon!

  6. Oh good lord, another thing I'll probably spend far too much time on :-) Oh look, I've already spent 20 minutes there. . . .

  7. Do you have an example of what they look like? Thanks!

  8. I love this idea, and I really, really like the interface on Polyvore - very worth knowing about, and so quick! Quick is most rewarding when you only get the odd moment to blog, isn't it? :) Anyhoo, I've just posted my first bash, and thoroughly enjoyed doing it, so definitely tip me the wink when you do the next one, and I suppose I would quite like to wax with the moon, rather than waning with it, if that helps.

  9. ya know, everyhting comes at the right time when your open to it, right?... I have been thinking about my own creativity lately, just found a blog about unleashing your creativity, and now this! Thanks Mon!

  10. Synchronicity.... love it. :D

  11. I just talked about you talking about this amd posted my first one.


    Thankyou for this.


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