Thursday, January 15


We have a serious mold problem,


Fortunately, it is in the apartment we are renting while the house is built, so there's an end in sight. But we are still here for a few more months at least, and we have a little baby in the house.
Frugal Father cleaned the mold just a week ago. We have two corners in the kitchen like this, plus the hallway, plus the room he sleeps in (the Wildflower is a night waker). Mine and the Wildflower's room is fine.

We ventilate, we keep these rooms warm, without letting our bills soar through the roof. To no avail. Frugal Father says there is no insulation whatsoever on the building. It's literally brick and cement and plaster. No wonder the place is so difficult to heat.

We also have water seeping in from the tiles behind the kitchen base units. We couldn't believe it! Looks like the water drain outside is right up against the building and when it rains hard, which it has over the last few days, it is full and the water pushes through ito out apartment. argh! There was a disgusting mess of mold back there, green and this weird yellow stuff. gross. It had been seeping for ages before it came right under and we were able to notice it.

I was very patient about moving, but now this changes things. Can't make the build hurry up, but I can wish for it can't I?


  1. Thank goodness it's only temporary! Mold is not nice (I know, we live with it too and don't have the cash to rectify it). Thank goodness there's none in the room you and the Wildflower sleep in, and hope Frugal Father isn't feeling too bad after sleeping in his room. How much longer do you reckon the build will be?

  2. Mold is icky. One good thing about the dry climate here is the lack of mold and mildew. Mildew isn't so bad as it's pretty easily controlled, but wet green and yellow stuff is not! I wish you could move to your new home now.

  3. Have you tried spraying it with vinegar? I've heard it will sometimes work, or at least help. Also bleach but it would be best to not be around when it's sprayed, especially the babe.


  4. Vinegar is great for mold. I don't have experience with those types but it absolutely works on anything washable. I would try a very strong solution, scrub down with a sponge and maybe a squirt of dish detergent in the water for easy rinsing. You might need to do it more than once. Spraying might work, but the mold would probably still be there unless it is very easy to kill.

    You might also try a small portable heater, such as a halogen heater, and a fan which will evenly spead the heated air through the room. Energy costs probably won't be that bad, especially if you turn them on and off as needed.

    Good luck!

  5. we have the exact same problem here. japanese homes are not insulated either. there is mold everywhere. i spray with vinegar every week, but it's not helping. thankfully ours is temporary as well, but for now i'm thoroughly disgusted.

  6. I hope you are coping with this as best as possible. I know you must be stressed.

  7. Thanks evryone. Nina, nope, things like thi don't stress me out. :)

  8. Tea Tree Oil in a little hot water works GREAT!!!..
    We have the same problem in our rental house.. The tea tree oil works better than vingar
    good luck!


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