Saturday, January 17

mold & stone & prices

Thanks for ideas about the mold. I should have stated that the problem isn't cleaning it, we can do that, it's that it's fiercely stubborn, and like a visiting relative, doesn't know when to leave! lol

I also forgot to mention that it seems a pipe under the bathroom, and running under two bedrooms seems to be leaking, or something. Because there is mold in a few places, paint peeling from the moisture, and now the floorboards are warping!

The place is falling apart! Apparently the previous owners and the neighbour downstairs have mentioned these problems to the owners, but they don't seem to care. The actual owners live in Australia, they visit here during the summer (Winter in Oz), but the people here are distant relatives 'looking after the place'. Meaning, they take the rent money.

The stone on the house is soooo close to the end. Frugal Father negotiated some stone from the left over stuff from the little village church. Then today, he is transporting stone from a small local quarry (literally less than 5mins away) to the land.

The stonemasons picked through it, thanks to the accommodating quarry owner. The good news is that every piece they hand-picked is good quality. This means that we didn't have to pay for poor quality stone that was unusable. The bad news is that from about 20 tonnes, they only found 2 tonnes they liked. We still need another 4! argh.

FF thinks the lazy workers probably didn't bother to look through all the piles. He is up there today with 2-3 expat friends to shift the stone. Hopefully he'll find that the workers have been lazy - it'll be good news for us.

Like everyone else, we're also feeling the economic pinch. The small income we have trickling in was about 20-30% more than we needed to live on. Meaning of course we had money for little luxuries, flying to England to see family, a 'rainy day', you know the way. Now, pound for euro, we are almost equal. There's nothing left over.

Of course, we are FORTUNATE. We have enough to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads (albeit moldy) and feed ourselves, and still buy a few tiny luxuries. So we are grateful. But it does mean that the house build budgeting is tighter and tighter every day. I'm doing my bit to keep FF from stressing.

'It'll be done when it's done', I say.
'We are fortunate in what we still have', I say.
'So we can't afford X until much later, we can manage without it,' I say.
'You'll find work, focus on the house now', I say.

and on and on....

Sometimes our approach and perspective and thinking is all we have to make all the difference between stress and peace with What Is, right?


  1. I do think that our attitude and approach makes all the difference. We can choose to be stressed and look at things as a disaster, or we can look at things as a challenge. I've been trying hard to keep my attitude positive as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. It sounds like you are so close to finishing your house - and that would certainly resolve the mold problem! Fingers crossed for those extra stones that you need.

    And you're right about keeping a positive attitude. Without it we can get mired in all the worry and stress, and then are unable to think clearly enough to see our way through a situation. I, er, know all about that

  3. Yes, it's all in your mind :-)

    Really though, perspective does help. Lately I've been able to see how fortunate my family is, both in material security and health and happiness. It may seem like the budget keeps getting more pinched and stress and worry are always lurking, but compared with many in this world, we are wealthy!


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