Tuesday, January 20

knit happens

Soooo... been knittin'.

Along with knit and purl stitches, I learnt how to do yarn over, knit two together (which until Docwitch commented I hadn't even realised that's what K2tog meant! *chuckle*), and I sort of learnt how to read a pattern. This is all just from videos and a few sites, because that's the insane way right?

Here's what I discovered...

Knit stitch is like a good friend, solid, reliable, easy to get along with. You wouldn't go out on a drinking bender with her, no, you would sip chai or coffee and possibly a good sponge cake. She's there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Purl is like that relative we all have, who is unpredictable. She's moody you see. Sometimes she's happy to go along with things, other times she's not. She's a little quirky and safe enough and well, she's a relative. Can't choose them right? But you can't deny feeling a little relief when your time together is over.

Now yarn over. Ooh la la. She's your sexy friend. She's the one you go out dancing with and if you're single and want a little action, she'll attract them like the proverbial flies to a honey pot. She's a looker, and she's smooooth. So if you're married, you somehow never get around to introducing her to your husband.

Knit Two Together is a co-worker. You're stuck with her. And she's a bitch. She's stubborn to the core. If you're a diplomat or know how to sweet talk, you can have her yield, a little. But she'll always remind you that her status at the office is above yours. It's no good reminding her that she's not your boss, and that you're not even in her department. She'll wield her title in your face. Just go along with it, or suffer the consequences.

So whilst learning how to read a pattern in the middle of knitting it, I got the chance to feel knitting on an intuitive level. As I had no real idea of the differences between even knit and purl stitches, I discovered their look and feel whilst knitting. I found mistakes long after I had made them, but after a time, I also began to feel , as I was knitting, when it wasn't right. That was a good feeling.

I can now recognise a purl stitch and what the next row should start as by looking at the previous row. I kept forgetting this! The pattern is;

CO an even number of sts.
K 6 rows.

Row 1 (WS): k1, *yo, k2tog, rep from * to last stitch, k1
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: k2, *yo, k2tog, rep from * until 2 st remain, k2
Row 4: Knit

Rep Rows 1 - 4 until desired length.
K 6 rows.

I still have no idea what WS means.

But the bit that confuses me is that one side has a nice edge to it while the other doesn't. So either it's a naff pattern or I've misunderstood/not understood something. No bets on which it is!

My scarf has a several mistakes and uneven tension, but by the recent section I started to know knitting. You know, in the belly.


I added some stockinette stitching (ooh, listen to her, stockinette) inbetween just for a change as I thought it was a bit of a boring pattern (typical!) and that was a saver as I was able to unravel back to those sections when I had made a huge mistake.

Getting those stitches back onto your needle is an extreme sport! DIY Dad says he wants to get a swear jar so we can have tons of play money.


I'm only about 1/3 way through. I was going to keep the scarf, warts and all, as a fun reminder of my first project. However, there are so many mistakes now that I can't imagine ever wearing it, and so it's lost it's knitting appeal. I don't want to knit unless I'm enjoying it.

Do I keep this piece for sentimental reasons? lol It's cheap enough yarn.

I recieved Stitch 'n Bitch yesterday, so am looking forward to learning something properly.


  1. As Liz said, WS=wrong side!

    This is too funny! This post should go viral to every knitter, it's so good.

    I hope you have fun with stitch and bitch. You are doing a great job.

  2. omg....this is hilarious! And yes, I'm sticking with the ol' reliable knit stitch. YES STILL! :P And stop being so funny and great...The semester has started back up and I have homework to be doing...not keeling over from your lovely blogs! :D Thanks for the laughs. Someday I intend on at least trying to purl!

  3. That was so funny Mon! And very apt, though I sometimes find that Ms. Purl is a better friend that Miss Knit, somehow.

    I think the scarf looks fab--that's the kind of pattern that makes a pretty stitch even though the pattern is really simple.

    Usually the advice to create nice edges on both sides is to always knit the first and last stitches no matter what...but your pattern already does that.

    I think knitting abbreviations are pretty funny. There's the rather sophomoric BO, and the slightly spy-novel-sounding SSK. The US West Coast radio station KTBL, and the upcoming rap star P-Wise.

  4. Wrong side!?? Okay just looked it up, got it. I've been knitting on the right side, d'oh!

    chuckle, nice one Anthromama.

  5. BO presumably means Bring Own and refers to wine of which you would need large quantities in order to survive said knitting experience with sanity, if not intact, then at least present to some degree.

  6. *grin* or help your vision see beautiful craftmanship...

  7. lmao! So hilarious! I can sew and crochet but knitting? forget it - don't know a stitch!
    You are doing great there...it looks awesome!

  8. This is all funny. Especially since I have no idea what anyone is talking about. lol My knitting knowledge is limited. And to think I am actually considering giving knitting another try. I think the scraf looks good Mon.

  9. WS = wrong side, I believe; assuming that the side that looks like ears of wheat is the right side, and the bumpy side is the wrong side, when you're doing alternate rows of purl and knit. Does that help?

  10. Also over here laughing heartily!

    I am a new knitter, too, and that scarf looks like a great first project!

  11. So funny. I think all these stitches will eventually become like a great bunch of girlfriends for you, always there when you need them, bringing their unique little individual talents.

    Keep knitting.

  12. hey EWphd, yeah, NOW I know *smacks head*

    Stacy, you're too kind.

    lol, thanks nettlejuice!


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