Tuesday, January 27

January Moodboards

past cycle...


Aquarius New Moon moodboard


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  1. Carin
  2. Sara
  3. Trina
  4. Earthenwitch
  5. Docwitch
  6. Sarah


  1. oooh! First one: crossroads, Hecate (?) and cheese! Spookily accurate for me. And I love the energy in the Aquarian moodboard. Everything springing into life and yet calm and cool.

  2. I really enjoy these!

  3. Cool! Gotta love the cheese! This is going to be so interesting, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  4. CHEESE!!!??? LMAO. Love it.

    It's 'choose' actually. But cheese is okay too. :D

    You see Hecate Doc ay?

  5. I just thought you liked cheese. lol Too funny!

    Can't wait to see others. This was fun.

  6. Hello all, I was inspired by Mons initial proposal, and explored Polyvore - love it! My two creations come from things I love. I have peeked at tall shown so far, and have really enjoyed seeing your creations. Will check back later to see if more abound. Kind Regards, Trina

  7. Heh - I confess I thought it was cheese too. :)

    Have just posted mine - one inward-looking, one, hopefully, more optimistic and new-beginnings-orientated. Meh. We'll see what the universe sends, eh?

  8. Trina, I tried to leave a comment in your album, but it's not there, so no idea if you're supposed to approve it or it didn't work.

  9. Mon, thx for letting me know. I am guessing that is one of the short comings, as I had no àpproval`settings recorded. Nor did I find comments. Oh well.


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