Saturday, January 10

the game of choking

There's a reason we need to talk to our kids, or more importantly listen so that they will talk to us. And ask questions, specific questions, and pose scenarios, so that they will be better equiped for this crazy world.

My parents never knew what we did at school, what games we played, especially not the 'naughty' games where we dared each other to do stupid things. I guess parents just take it for granted that kids couldn't be doing anything too crazy or dangerous.

It looks like children are still choking each other as a game. Yes, choking each other. Some will choke themselves with a rope. They are after the supposedly euphoric feeling of when blood rushes back into the brain. The dangers of the Internet.

As many as 82 children have died during these games. In a Connecticut school, the children didn't even seem to realise they could kill each other.

This game has been known and played for some time, but even as recently as last December a teenager died from it.

It's worth noting the other names given to this 'game', in case as a parent you hear it. Some include;
Airplaning, America Dream Game, Breathing the Zoo, Bum Rushing, California Blackout, California Dreaming, Catching Some Zs, Cloud Nine, Dream/Dreaming Game, Flatliner Game, Funky Chicken, Hoola Hooping, Hyperventilation Game, Indian Headrush, Knockout Game, Passing Out Game, Pass-out Game, Purple Dragon, Neckies, Rising Sun, Rocket Ride, Sandboxing, Sleeper Hold, Sleepers, Space Monkey, The Game, The Mysto World, Tingling Game, Trip to Heaven.

And if you think your child probably hasn't even heard of it, according to some,
75% of children ages 9-16
know how it's 'played'
or have 'played' themselves.
Tons of information over here.


  1. I always wonder what morons comes up with some of the ridiculous stuff that some teens decide to do... As a teen, I know of the choking thing, but only because of the media. It seems extremely uncommon where I live. Perhaps because drugs are pretty easily accessible? Now that, of course, is a whole different story, but at least they aren't choking each other...

    And as for the subject of parents actually listening, I think that's a very important topic. I've heard many parents complain that their kids don't talk to them, but I don't blame their kids! What many parents don't seem to realize is that firstly a good relationship requires participation by both parties. Both parent and child need to feel comfortable talking about sensitive issues with each other. You can't expect your child or teen to talk to you about important things if you don't show them the same courtesy! Secondly, many parents freak out about what they hear. A teen MUST be confident that their parent won't react badly, no matter how they feel about the issue. Many teens deal with issues of depression, and self injury, and they're often very scared that the people who matter to them, both their close friends and family, will react badly. A parent must show that they will be supportive, that they won't react negatively no matter what is said to them...

    Whew, that was much longer then I planned. And slightly off topic. It's just been an issue that's been bothering me for a while, and I'm reminded each time a parent laments that their child won't talk to them!

  2. Thanks for that Idzie, we (adults) need to hear not just from other adults, but from teens telling us what they need.

    If my parents even listeneed to half of what I said and needed to say, we would've had an entirely different relationship.

    And when the listening could mean stuff like this - dangerous activities - well, it just goes to show HOW important it is to keep our ears and hearts open, and non-reactionary.

  3. We played that game when we were at the end of elementary school. Luckily, we weren't very serious about it, and after one session gave it up. Scary!

  4. Wow, I hadn't heard of kids doing that, only adults for sexual purposes. Sounds about as smart as huffing glue.

    All of these methods of getting high or drunk or whatever strike me as ways of avoiding reality. I think instead of the "War on Drugs" and "Just Say No" we need to be looking at why young people dislike reality so much that they want to escape it. I have gotten drunk and high before, but only a few times because I didn't much like the feeling of being divorced from reality and being out of control of myself.

  5. Ahhh, yes I remember that game, at my school it was used to skive french or any other lesson we wanted to skive.

    although we didn't use rope or anything like that... however, I shan't say how we did it as some kid is bound to come across it and try out method.



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