Monday, January 12

blueberries, kiwis, and fudging the fudge

Well, I FINALLY found the right flour with which to bake cakes! What an ordeal. But, now I bake scrummy muffins, blueberry being the fave around here, and I think that I'm slightly obsessed. We've eaten more muffins than anyone should eat in a lifetime. Well, okay, in a week anyway. And that includes given many away. It's just you can't buy them over here.


I used this recipe, and added vanilla essence, which is a must for me. I also used half the amount of blueberries. I found it excessive for a not-so-cheap fruit, and half was plenty.

With the glut of kiwis we had, I made more chutney and also some jam (no pectin). The jam came out lovely. 3 parts kiwis to 1 part sugar was just the right sweetness for us. The recipes I looked at used a 2:1 ratio.

The fudge is another story altogether. Look how gorgeous is seems!


But alas, somehow I kept splitting the butter, or whatever it's called when you make this dsgusting mess.


I used different temps and times, took all the tips from youtube, all to no avail. Ah well, I couldn't justify using more ingredients for this. I had thought it would make a nice easy food gift.


  1. You can't buy muffins there? That's a real strike against living there. Perhaps you can start a muffin shop!

    I've never made fudge, so I have no idea what was going wrong there. But I hate wasting butter!

  2. Probably too late but can't you put the butter in muffins? And how about breaking up the solids to use like sugar or as a topping for something?

    To me fudge was never easy. I say make more muffins as gifts. People are addicted to them as an easy breakfast with a hot drink. And if they are rare, so much the better.


  3. Anthromama- Don't YOU start. Frugal Father is always on my case to do just that. lol

    Vegetablej - I did use up the sugary bits but the butter was gross. Dunno, like clarified butter, weird anyway.

  4. I do not know about the fudge --- I have one easy peanut butter fudge recipe that works well and that is all I have ever attempted!!

    The muffins look so great -- what kind of flour did you use?

  5. It's the flour in this country that was really weird. i just had to find plain flour that I was used to back in the UK. They have all sorts of grades and types ehre, and some were resulting in bread-muffins. lol


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