Tuesday, December 23

a waste of wrapping

One thing I really dislike about Xmas, and any day that includes giving of gifts, is the waste in wrapping and cards. I don't give cards and over the years I've asked others not to send us any. I try to salvage wrapping paper and when I wrap presents I try to use the minimum of sticking tape, so that the person could reuse it if they wished.

I like that more and more people are beginning to think about wrapping. Including me!

Nic shared a really great idea for wrapping gifts. One that essentially uses a cloth as part of the gift, or simply to be easily reused.

I came across this website today, FuturePresent. Designers have been challenged to think up creative ways to wrap gifts. The site showcases their ideas.


I hope more eco-minded people give some thought to their choice of wrapping, not just the type of gift. For me, it needs to go beyond recyclable wrapping paper, to using materials that can be reused.

I personally like the idea of using the main gift and the person's likes as a wrap. For example, if the person is a keen cook and you're gifting them something for the kitchen, perhaps using a kitchen container with a big kitchen string bow. You get the idea.

Let the creative juices run wild!


  1. I have several holiday themed cloth bags that get passed around from year to year. I also saw a wonderful video clip somewhere on using lengths of fabric for wrapping gifts, then they can use the fabric as well.

  2. I thought I might leave a comment on a blog other than HolisticMama for a change! Keep forgetting that you have a whole swag of blogs...(how do you do it? And they're all good as well).

    Anyway, I don't send cards either, although I still receive them despite politely telling people not to send them.

    Being a fabric maniac I often use fabric and ribbon to wrap my presents. People seem to love it, (and most the recipients don't think about the environment at all) as they know of my fabric obsession, see it as something I just do.

    Last year I made aprons for loved ones, and used these to wrap other bits and pieces up. They never guessed that's what they were until they unwrapped their presents either! hehe

  3. i don't send cards either and despite all my attempts to encourage others not to send them to us...they continue to do it. every year for every occasion:(

    when wrapping a gift i prefer to use material or no wrapping just a pretty cotton bow that can be recycled.

  4. I think about this every year as we wrap presents -- just imagine how precious and rare paper once was. And now we buy it for very little money to be thrown away (or flushed down the toilet, for that matter)!

    Here's another reference for furoshiki.

  5. It's funny isn't it? People can feel really weird about NOT sending you a card, no matter how many times you mention it. I think they believe you can't REALLY mean it. lol

    Hey Doc, nice ta see ya here. Oh, I'm been dreaming of having the perfect apron. I've yet to find it.

    I'm going to try the fabric wraping when it comes to our time to give pressies, as we don't do Xmas 25th of course. Seems people do like it.

  6. We are trying to get away from all of the "stuff"...gifts, cards and all. My family totally embraced the idea and now we just get together and have Mexican food for our "Christmas" (my husband and I are Pagans). His family and the folks at work and so forth just can't imagine not having presents...I can't convince them and thus I have a box full of salvaged wrapping paper and tissue and a growing box of items that I will attempt to sell in a yard sale.


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