Friday, December 19

udder talk

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

When in England, the talk on a building site usually consisted of sport's scores, beer, what you were doing on the weekend, and celebrities (usually large-breasted female ones). All to the drone of traffic.

Well, the closest we come to that here is a neighbour chasing away a roaming cow from our plot whilst the stonemason comments on what a 'good looking cow' it was.

translated conversation
stonemason: (looking underneath) ah nah, the udders are no good.
neighbour: they're fine
stonemason: they should be a good thumb's length (offering view of his thumb for reference)
neighbour: nah, no need to be that long
stonemason: (shaking head in disagreement)

stonemason: 'spose you would get a good xkg amount out of her
neighbour: yeah, yeah, organic, healthy, good quality meat
stonemason: aha, aha

Cow's response: a bit personal isn't it.


There's no doubt where we are.


  1. That was hilarious.
    Isn't rural life wonderful?

  2. Human beings really do get quite personal with cows on a regular basis, don't they? She's quite a beauty!


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