Sunday, December 21

suspended solstice

It's solstice today, but I ain't celebrating.

I had less than 2hrs sleep last night. On top of her usual sleepless nights, the Wildflower has her first teeth showing through, awww. So she needed extra cuddling through the last two nights. I haven't the strength to put together an elaborate meal or bake a wonderful cake. So tomorrow, Hypnos willing, I will cook and bake. Today, I will blog some fun and will take a long walk into the woods with the Wildflower when she wakes from her nap. That is solstice enough for me.

Idea from the Doc, (won't take the award but will do the Qs), thanks for giving me a fun blogging post to do.

7 things to do before I die

  1. Sleep in the grand canyon
  2. Go on safari
  3. Learn to knit and create wonderful things *
  4. Write a book
  5. Bring out humanitarian, compassionate, and generous traits in my daughter
  6. Make much more of a difference
  7. Play a musial instrument to a competent level
7 things I do now

  1. Stay strong
  2. Wear scarves just because
  3. Dance alone
  4. Count almost everything
  5. Wear my heart on my sleeve
  6. Weed whisper
  7. Function on less than 3hrs sleep a night
7 things I can't do

  1. Whistle a melody
  2. Sit in my own tepid filth (take a bath)
  3. Sleep in a cold, damp & cramped nylon abode and call it fun (camping)
  4. Keep my mouth shut even though I know what will come out will likely get me into trouble/fired/lose a friend/be flamed online/get punched in the face/deported
  5. Ignore a homeless animal
  6. Watch a film that's already started
  7. Wear socks to bed no matter how cold I feel

7 things I find attractive in the opposite sex (in no particular order)

  1. A great sense of humour - offbeat funny, or at least get my own offbeat funnyness
  2. Supportive
  3. Intelligence, the nerdy or geeky sort
  4. Sensible & practical
  5. Carefree/optimistic
  6. Compassionate
  7. A bottomless sense of curiosity for the world

7 things I say most often

  1. Love you
  2. ETA?
  3. Hello chook
  4. Pick up some bread on your way home
  5. Eency weency spider....
  6. Follow your intuition
  7. mama loves you

7 celebs I most admire

Erm, none? Ok, I'll play along. I admire certain aspects, how's that? And celebs can be anyone famous, alive or dead, right?

  1. Martin Luther King (rip) for being audacious and eloquent
  2. Stephen Fry for being super intelligent and yet claiming text message 'speak' is totally great.
  3. Princess Diana (rip) for not being a Royal lemming
    This is
  4. George Michael (I know!) for giving tons of money to charities and doing so quietly
  5. The Dalai Lama for not believing the hype
  6. Johnny Depp for going against the flow (but DIY Dad says this one should really go under a Celebs I most fancy list)
  7. Can't think of any more.
7 favourite foods

  1. Dark chocolate
  2. Cake (although chocolate cake would be top, and it has to actually taste of good chocolate, none of this chocolate-coloured cake crapiness)
  3. Lasagna
  4. Burritos
  5. Tiramisu
  6. Strong cheese
  7. Dulce de leche

* If you've read the recent S, s, s, s, & s post, then, yep, this is what I've decided on, knitting, more another time....


  1. ooh I love yours!

    And apart from the lack of sleep thing, (gawd! hope you get a better one tonight and can enjoy Solstice pt.2), it looks as though the things you do now are quite aligned with, and in harmony with things you want to do before you die. I love that.

    And you're living your dream now...that is really inspiring.

    Dulce de leche is outrageously good.

  2. Umm...dark chocolate, chocolate cake...I must be hungry because that sounds so good right now. I just made it through almost my entire period with NO chocolate in the house and too busy to go buy some. That's unheard of for me!

    I especially like number 7 under 7 things you find attractive in a man. I can relate to that one! (And really, all of them. They describe my husband quite well.)

  3. Doc - You should see the wicked things I do with Dulce de leche.

    Lisa - ooh, if I weren't stealing Doc's husband already (for resembling John Cusack) I would try for yours.

    Note to readers: I'm not usually in the business of stealing husbands. I don't know what's come over me. It might have started with the whole John Cusack thing, which as any red-blooded slightly offbeat woman knows, is enough to make any woman swoon (do women still do that?).
    Suffice to say, I'm happily married. Honest. He does number 7 quite well so he's a keeper.

    And if any stealing did take place, I promise to return them groomed and well fed.

  4. That's too bad that you didn't get much sleep last night. Hope you enjoy your walk and your big meal tomorrow. I love your idea of sleeping in the Grand Canyon. That would be amazing! And I have a weird passion for scarves myself. On my head, around my neck, my waist... whatever. I like!

  5. I can relate with Wildflower and her teeth. Bean just got her bottom two teeth in and is sleeping even less than usual at night (which little indeed). Poor babies, and sleepy moms.

  6. Was thinking of you tonight when we went out to do our solstice tradition....but as you mentioned before, it doesnt matter the day, just honouring what works for you is best. hope WF is managing better today, and you too of course.

  7. I hope you get some sleep!

    I can't wear socks to bed either. Hot water bottles do the trick instead.


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