Sunday, December 28

practicing purl

Yesterday I tried purl. Is it supposed to be the exact same thing as the knit stitch, just executed differently?

Anyway, if so, I think I found this easier than the knit stitch, although the way I eventually worked out how to do it probably isn't very elegant. But it works. And Lisa said that, "There are like a thousand different "right" ways to knit...", so I'm going with that. :)

I also discovered why my stitches were so tight. But I still have little control over the tightness (tension?). Of course, this is practice right.


Okay, next time I see that old knitting lady, I'm going to say hi. With DIY Dad's help, I'll arm myself with a few choice phrases. Such as, "I'm learning to knit", "May I watch", and, "Is there any heating in this place and a cup of chaj would go down very well thank you". Lisa, hope that answers your question about the language!

CK, welcome, so much fun to find other new knitters out there. Purple would have been my colour for a scarf too! And thanks for reminding me to put up my 'goodreads'.

I'm going to keep practicing for now Docwitch, although I'm eager to start a scarf. But my stitches are too messy and uneven right now. I've just been trying out the basic techniques and now I'll need to focus on making it look neat. Enthusiasm is great, but I think I need more than 3 hrs of knitting before starting anything *chuckle* I pick things up very quickly, but doing things well is a who-----le other story.


In other news.... the house is coming along nicely, the stonework is about 3/4 done, and the rest is the easier part. They started pointing it up yesterday. pics at other blog
Due to cost of flights, we've decided to push back our UK trip to late January.
I have a cold, that I'm fighting tooth and nail, so that the Wildflower doesn't catch it too. Like I need that on top of teething woes and usual sleep deprivation. Although the teething is easing. Burning lots of eucalyptus oil and gargling with tea tree and drinking ginger chaj (tea, in the local lingo).


  1. Purl is harder for me, too. Good luck, with that and the cold!

  2. Mon, I love how you answer all your comments! I'm not so good at that...

    I will make one suggestion and that is if you are learning to knit continental, that you really try to purl continental as well. It may take more practice time, but get yourself in the habit of being consistent right away. I knit in continental style as I was taught in a yarn shop, but then I taught myself how to purl and it's very different from how I knit and it gets quite awkward to go from knit to purl as in a knit 1, purl 1 ribbing stitch. If you can hold the yarn in your hand for purling the same as you do for knitting, just going front to back as you do so, it makes it a lot easier. I have come up with my own system and make it work, but I'd really like to re-learn to purl so it's less awkward. I'm actually going to try the "Norwegian Purl" video on that site because I think that looks very efficient.

    Anyhoo, good luck. It looks like you're doing just beautifully!

  3. Thanks for the nice welcome! Wow...reading through the comments, I didn't know that there were different ways to purl. I'm going to have to study purling a bit more before I attempt it.
    I also practice for a bit before I start a project. I dropped a stitch in the middle of my scarf project and about had a fit. Watched several videos on how to fix it, didn't understand any of it, wanted to cry, and then sulked. haha. My husband would kill me if he knew I was telling this on the blog world, but he was able to fix it for me. It was cute...he worked for about 45 minutes going back and fixing my (many) mistakes. Whew...thought I was going to have to rip it out and start all over!

    I hope you start feeling better soon! And thanks again!

  4. I find purl an easier stitch too, but I like the way Knit looks better :-) I just finished a hat last night for the hubby.... very easy pattern. Let me know when you are ready to try knitting with circular needles and I'll send you the pattern.
    It's so addictive, isn't it?

  5. Maria,

    Circular you mean the ones that are connected? I would like to make a hat at some point, but have no clue on patterns or the technical instructions on knitting. I just make a go of it. haha.


  6. Sorry your fighting a cold right now... hope you feel better soon. It has been a long time since I thought about purl, or knitting in general. Kind of makes me want to start again (although I was never very good at it). I enjoy reading about your journey in knitting. Keep up the good work.

  7. Yes, knitting and purling are essentially the same, you just insert the needle into the stitch in a different way. And if you do all knitting or all purling, your fabric will look just the same!

    It's completely normal for your stitches to be too tight right now. You are just learning and practicing, and of course you are concentrating hard on what you are doing, and so it's very hard to relax!

    There are lots of ways to do everything in finding the way that feels right for you is the best thing to do right now. Then later when you feel more proficient, you might learn new techniques. I know several ways to cast on, for example.

    I subscribe to a daily email from, which is very informative and really funny! Yes, they make knitting funny! Many of their patterns and discussions are fairly advanced, but I've learned a lot and have saved many emails for future reference (and you get free patterns fairly often).

    And as for fixing dropped stitches: your secret weapon for that is a small crochet hook!

  8. Ck, yes, circular needles are the ones connects with a wire. I love knitting on them. I've just started getting into using patterns (never really understood them until recently) but I did have to have someone show me how to connect the first circle to knit a hat. It just didn't make sense on paper.


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