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injected into children

  • paint thinner
  • coolant
  • formaldehyde
  • mercury
  • aluminium
  • anti freeze

  • dye
  • detergent
  • phenols
  • solvent
  • borax
  • disinfectant

  • MSG
  • glycerol
  • latex
  • glutaraldehyde
  • sulfite and phospate compounds
  • sorbitol

  • polyribosylribotol
  • Amphotericin B
  • casein
  • dead animal tissue and blood eg. cow, chick embryo, monkey, sheep, pig, dog, etc
  • aborted human foetus cells
  • mutated (more virulent) human viruses

  • bacteria and bacterial endotoxins
  • antibiotics
  • mycoplasma
  • GM yeast
  • viral DNA

Some of the ingredients in vaccines.
How can we possibly know their full effects, short or long-term?

Read for a fuller list and explanations.


  1. Seriously? Why? That list sounds maniacal.

  2. This has always been a really big concern of mine. I was going to be a conscientious objector with vaccines, and was looking at homeopathic treatments. I did quite a lot of research about the risks of vaccines, but ended up caving in to enormous pressure around me to go ahead with all of my child's vaccinations (I was going to be selective and only get particular vaccinations). The power of Mother Guilt. Sigh.

    I held off from letting her have a number of them in the first months of life (for instance, Hep B as she was very low risk and no one in her environment had it), and I was verbally attacked by the nurses. One asked me: "what if she picks up a dirty needle in a sandpit?". "Well, she's 6 weeks old - she won't be in a sandpit for quite some time, and by that stage she will be vaccinated against it. I feel 6 weeks is just too young to expose her to this".

    Saying these things to the medical fraternity is the equivalent of heresy. And they were so harsh and relentless I was nearly in tears, but I did stick to my guns that time.

    I do actually understand their views, and certainly their fears, but the risks are just so underplayed, (for fear that people won't vaccinate). There should be more respect for informed choice though.

  3. I'm coming up on the time where I think I might need to get a few immunizations for my kids, now that they're older. I think they should have polio shots, for example. But my daughter has had no vaccines, and my son hasn't had any since his first year, when he only had a few.

    The big thing that people often don't realize is that (at least in the US) very few medicines or vaccines are ever tested on children specifically before they are released for general use. Not to mention all the lovelies added in, as in your list.

  4. I wish I had looked into alternate vaccination schedule for my daughter. I have reason to beleive that her allergies are a result of the crazy vaccination schedule that they have in the US. I have discussed this issue on my blog here:

  5. Indeed.

    But, why stop at vaccines? All phamaceuticals contain just as many (and more) nasties. Even so-called natural ones of the mass-manufactured kind.

    And then there's foodstuffs...

  6. I don't know.... you have a point about how we don't know the long term effects of some of these substances. However, the other side of the coin is that we DO know the long term effects if a child catches any of these diseases. Death, sterility, paralysis...
    That's why I vaccinated all of my children. I wasn't prepared to take the risk with someone else's life.
    However, that doesn't mean that I blindly rush out and make my family take every 'wonder drug' that's on offer. We rarely use antibiotics... only when ABSOLUTELY necessary so they'll get the full benefit when they need it. We live as simply and as chemical free as we can. I read somewhere that the last couple of generations are the guinea pigs for the biggest experiment in food additives and chemicals that the world has ever seen. That makes me just a tad uncomfortable because I've put a lot of effort and love into nurturing these boys of mine! We eat very little processed food and we take medicines very rarely. Luckily we're all as healthy as horses!

    I think it's all a matter of balance. Taking the best from what science has developed, but making informed, intelligent choices about what is good for our families and what should be treated with caution. Thanks for posting this. It was an interesting (and sometimes icky!)read. Very thought provoking.

  7. Frogdancer said..."you have a point about how we don't know the long term effects of some of these substances."
    (I'm sorry, but this is misinformation. Some of those noxious chemicals are known poisons w/ well studied effects, long and short term...)

    and "However, the other side of the coin is that we DO know the long term effects if a child catches any of these diseases. Death, sterility, paralysis..." (Sounds like a Big Pharm sales pitch to me.)As for "any" of these diseases definitely causing death, sterility and paralysis, look at the numbers for goodness sake. There's a faint possibility of these things taking place, but it's a fairly good gamble that a well-fed, happy, healthy child living w/ modern sanitation and hygiene in a developed country, will not die or be maimed from any of the diseases prevented by MMR, Hib, DaTP, HepB, etc... Fear sells, and we must remember that this is a big money business w/ ruthless marketing.

    Eating and living well are the best disease prevention for both children and adults. If they could package it and sell it to us they would. I'm not saying that vaccines never helped anyone, but giving a baby >20 mystery cocktail injections before they are 2 years old is just ridiculous. (I also know someone whose son went from a normal happy, giggling baby to an implacable screamer after routine shots, and was later diagnosed as autistic...)

    I'm very glad that some of us are still allowed to make these choices for ourselves, and I respect any well researched and thought out decision to vaccinate or not. I might consider shots for travel, and tetanus is scary,(I heard that straight ACV on a cut kills tetanus, btw.), but so far my kids are not vaccinated and they are all better than fine...


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