Sunday, December 14

House build

Well, we're working against the weather now of course, but the stonework is coming on - slowly but steadily. The workers are total wimps. The slightst chill or drizzle and they're moaning and whining like toddlers. And the next day they'll fein colds to not come in. phht!

But, we're happy with their work, which is the most important, and they are plodding on. As I said to Frugal Father, we're doing jusy fine.

As you can see, the window surrounds are also in. Just the upstairs to do now.


While it's still hovering around 10C down here, up at the homestead someone said there was a snow flurry. Yikes.

This is a pic of the back field on a misty day a week ago.


Should we buy a foghorn?


  1. Oh gosh, I love the mist. So mysterious. I also love your stone house. It is turning out beautifully.

  2. I love foggy, misty days. We've had quite a few here this fall, but I could have more!

    Your house is looking great. I love it!

  3. Hmm...Blogger ate my comment.

    I love the color of that stone. We're fully into winter here--snow all day and really cold!

  4. beautiful. the nhouse and the field o' fog.


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