Friday, December 5

Hard as stone

The stone is climbing up the rough build. Still under half-way though and now they're working against the weather. So we take each day as it comes.

Stone is just so amazing. It hasn't the obvious beauty of flowers or trees, but its permanence, its strength, its ancient history running along its veins, makes for wonder. I feel that to live in a stone house is to breathe in that ancientness every day.

Here's the head stonemason working away. Notice all the safety precautions? Hard-hat, goggles, gloves, also hard shoes...... in the stonemason's circle, eyes and toes have been known to be lost.... you would think.....


  1. Beautiful textures in these pics!

  2. I am envious of your build...some day soon we will start our dream house. We are going to build a Deltec home....check them out.


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