Thursday, December 11

first aid

When you mention a first aid kit many people think of school or their workplace. But a first aid kit at home could save us parents a lot of trouble and anxiety. And for someone who thrives on common sense, I see it as just plain practical to have items that might normally lay around the house, all in one easy to find place.

Over at Simple Makes, Lori posted about her kit and wondered what the rest of us included in our own.

adhesive bandages
cloth bandages
sterile gauze (various sizes)
tea tree oil
lavender oil
wound mix (essential oils in base oil)
arnica cream
pure aloe vera gel
bug off spray (essential oils in water base)
witch hazel extract
cooton balls

tea tree oil
wound mix (essential oils in base oil)
grapfruit Seed Extract

I also have lots of herbal remedies and teas in the cupboards, but this is my little quick-where's-the-x thingy-for-this-cut-as-I'm-bleeding-buckets-all-over-the-floor kit.

I might add more heavy-duty items when we move up dem der mountayns.


  1. I'm so glad I read this! I had forgotten about updating my first aid kit! (Sure; it's suitable for me; but not my six month old!)

    Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I don't have an actual kit made up, except for one of those sold in the store with band-aids, alcohol wipes, etc.--very basic. I keep meaning to make a kit with herbs and better stuff in it, and I hope your post will get me going on it!

    Thanks for posting this, Mon.

  3. We've got the range of Weleda products: wound care, arnica, burn care. Rescue Remedy often comes in handy.We always have tons of bandages, aloe vera, and ice packs. I still have two mercury thermometers (one for each end!) plus a digital ear one. And let's not forget the tried and true hot water bottle.

  4. That's a good 'un. Which reminds me that I need to reorganise mine and make sure it's all in order. The child loves bandaids (mostly for wounds that are barely visible), so we run out of them an awful lot. Rescue Remedy I have on hand too.

    Excuse my ignorance - what do you use Witch Hazel for? I've only ever known it as a skin toner...?

  5. No rescue remedy?

    And as the others said, thanks for the reminder to review mine and clean it up.

  6. Never found rescue remedy of use to me, but I will try it again when the LO is of age.

    Witch hazel is an astringent, especially good for bruises.

  7. It ate my comment again tonight! AUGH!!!!!

  8. Denise, what in the world is happening. If I write something lengthy, I try to copy it before sending. If I remember. This has happened to me when my isp cuts off.

  9. Tea tree is a *must have*!


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