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Was somebody paid for this study?

The menopause could be nature's way of diffusing tension between a woman and her mother-in-law.
Others argue that menopause evolved to allow women to spoil their grandchildren.

A “signature of autism” found in brain activity may eventually become a biomarker to improve classification of the disorder and aid in treatment and therapy planning. Unique brain wave patterns, spotted for the first time in autistic children, may help explain why they have so much trouble communicating. Using an imaging helmet that resembles a big salon hair dryer, called magnetoencephalography (MEG), researchers discovered what they believe are "signatures of autism" that show a delay in processing individual sounds.
The [helmet] is able to detect autism in children who are as young as one year of age. Most autism isn’t detected until the earliest age of two so this would be a big step in getting the behavioral therapy necessary to help these children learn better ways of communicating.

A study has found that the more children play outside away from TV and computers, the more they laugh. And notably, "children were probably less safe in terms of paedophilia and grooming in the online world than they were out on the street."
Children and Nature

That, "heavy media exposure leads to negative health effects in children" certainly isn't new, but what researchers from Yale University have done is to compile findings from 173 of the strongest studies in the past 28 years. They found that,

In 80 percent of the studies, greater media exposure is associated with negative health outcomes for children and adolescents. The strongest relationship was found between media and obesity. Of the 73 studies that examined the relationship between screen time and childhood obesity, 86 percent revealed a strong relationship between increased screen time and obesity. Of the 14 articles evaluating media and sexual behavior, 93 percent found that children with greater media exposure have sex earlier.

A toy you buy as a Christmas present this year, could be illegal by the time 2009 rolls in. A study shows that,

One in three toys contains "medium" to "high" levels of harmful chemicals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and PVC.
Lead was detected in 20 percent of the toys tested, some of which contained quantities that exceeded the federal recall standard used for lead paint.
The new CPSC regulations would make some products currently being sold illegal to sell two months from now. Experts insist the new regulations, while a good first step, do not go far enough to protect our children.

Studies are showing that more children are using alternative medicine and therapies, especially for chronic conditions where parents feel orthodox medicine has no answer for them. As much as 12% of children and teens use alternatives.
And of course, someone always has to throw in there that these alternatives are not fully studied and tested. Yep, thanks for that.
washington post
New York Times

As always, watch what you're kids are doing and sharing online. Sony was sued for collecting and disclosing personal data about 30,000 children without informing their parents.
LA Times

A report by the United Nations Children's Fund found that maternity leave provision in the UK is "inadequate" and less generous than in many other countries including Slovenia and Iceland. It claims the majority of babies spend most of the day in nurseries or with childminders.


Lots of ideas and a free newsletter for Kids Cooking

Fun word art for kids (and big kids) at Wordle. Here's my quickie.

Totally frivolous.

Never mind your priest, mother, best friend or tarot card, nobody knows you like google knows you.

According to google, this is what I need:
  • Monica needs a job. (parenting IS a job)
  • Monica needs a Bicycle Master Plan (uh-oh, it's seen my butt wobble)
  • Monica needs another dress washed! (look, I've been planning to get to my laundry, it's just the baby stuff is never-ending)
  • Monica needs new holes in her skin (this is either a comment on my pores or something much more sinister *blink*)
  • Monica needs Australia (been there done that.... or have I?)
Type, 'YOUR NAME needs' into google search, how well does it know you?


  1. great stuff. thanks for the links. have a great weekend.

  2. Yeah - I love this. And the links. The kids cooking one looks fab.

    Tried the google thing, and apparently I need no introduction, Robert Louis Stevenson (?), travel, King Louis, and because I share my name with a NY journalist, apparently I also need real estate.


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