Sunday, November 9

Xmas isn't here yet

Last night we felt like grabbing some fresh evening Autumn air. So we bundled up the Wildflower after her refreshing nap and set off into the oncoming dusk.

We ate creamy cake and had good strong coffee with lots of foam - a rare treat, it's been a couple of months for such a little moment of luxury, together.

We strolled through the high street, well, over here that's about 20 shops and a little plaza. But there's boutiques and fancy clothes we'll never afford, and toys we'll never buy the Wilflower, and shoes that will never take us walking. We nodded at people we vaguely knew and window shopped and took in the dusky night light silvered with a waxing moon.


And then we headed home feeling refreshed for being out of the apartment.

And when we were sitting quietly at home we thought - oh, it's November 8th and we hadn't seen a single Xmas decoration or shop sign. Not one bauble, reindeer or santa. Not one tree or flash of neon. (As well as no TV ads bombarding us with the stuff we just have to have.) Nothing to entice us into early, more frequent, and more prolific spending. It was just an ordinary November night on the high street.

I'm want to make it work here.


  1. What a beautiful village! I want to go there. I was in Bratislava, Prague and Budapest in 1993 and I fell in love with Eastern Europe. I esp. loved Prague, of course (it wasn't too Americanized then, don't know about it now but anyway you can't take away that history and the gorgeous old buildings). But I spent the most time in Bratislava, staying with a friend teaching English there. It was great to really get to know a place by being in one city for two weeks, staying with a family there, and doing lots and lots of walking.

    What country/village are you in? I know I would love it.

  2. Prague is lovely. We were there around 2002. It's changing but still very European. never been to Bratislava or Budapest. The latter is on our very long list.

    We're in the Balkans.

  3. Sadly, Xmas has arrived full force in the States....I've already heard a Xmas tune and seen decorations around town....It makes me dig in my heels about buying gifts and such out of obligation instead of giving gifts from the heart, just because.

  4. That looks so quaint! It sounds perfect that you don't have to have xmas thrown in your face. It's definitely already here in England. It was here in October!

  5. Lovely photo! I would enjoy a walk in that charming place anytime!!

    Thank you so much for nominating my blog for that bloggers choice award. I am so very flattered. I proudly displayed the widget on my sidebar. :):):)

  6. Beautiful!

    It must be so refreshing not to see Xmas bling everywhere. I nearly went into a silent apoplexy on the tram last month (yes, I mean in October) when I noticed they were setting up the gigantic Xmas tree monster in the heart of Melbourne. I mean, really.

  7. How refreshing. We've been seeing Christmas stuff on sale and decorations up for several weeks. It really takes the specialness out of holiday to have it in your face for more than two months.

  8. Sounds like a lovely evening. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a November without the Christmas hype. Thanks for stopping my my 'place' the other day. Hope your entire week was as peaceful as last night.

  9. How lovely! I may have to move.... I've already noticed some xmas things in the stores here in Canada.

    Actually we've talked about travelling during the xmas holidays because we don't celebrate it the way we grew up "celebrating" it. We won't be travelling this year but soon... I can feel it!

    These consumeristic holidays leave me cold.

  10. Hi everyone, welcome fullfreezer.

    Back in the UK I always found it very intrusive, and when I worked retail it was downright surreal preparing in August!

    Annie, trvaelling to get away from it is a great idea.


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