Sunday, November 23


No, I'm not talking about diapers today....

A flower grows not because it chooses to do the act of growing, but rather because it grows.

In Taoism, when we speak about unfolding, we're talking about the natural flow of life. Acting or not acting become delicate choices where one may be going with or against the natural flow.

In some ways, allowing unfolding can be interpreted as not really acting at all because a flower does not choose to grow, it simply grows - an act, or non-act, of going with the natural way of things.

This philosophy can be similar to the idea of surrender, but it's different too. Allowing unfolding makes me reconsider any attempts to 'get baby to sleep', or eat or go potty or behave or be polite or learn or whatever else we think we're supposed to get them to do.


It's about understanding that my little Wildflower is growing and being with the natural flow of things. She is already doing what is most natural to her. It is as we age that we learn to go against the flow. I can encourage her to be a flow-er of the natural way, simply by standing back and acting less. Action without action, this is wei wu wei.


  1. Children are so good at flowing, aren't they? My daughter in particular will just joyfully say "OK!!" to whatever comes her way, more times than not. It's hard to do much allowing sometimes, when we adults have already formed our notions of how things should be.

  2. What a beautiful Wildflower she is too!

    I constantly find this a challenge - to let things flow and tune into my child's rhythms, and be open to the unfolding. Children are great teachers aren't they?

  3. She is just divine..
    Can't we ;earn so much from our little ones...about ourselves and them..xx

  4. This is totally my thing right now too.
    I've just redevoured the "Tao Of Poo", "The Te Of Piglet" & Mum just gave me (without knowing I was reading the others) "Tales From The Tao".
    Talk about unfolding & what a little darling! XXxx

  5. I've never read these and always wonder if I should. I understand that the Tao te Ching translation is not very accurate (although still fun and insightful as they are).

  6. I just found your blog and I really like it ... I am going to explore around because I have so many questions.

    I love this post -- I homeschool my five children (to be six in February)and believe greatly in this philosophy but have not been able to put it into such good words! I believe in natural learning, most of my friends think I am crazy!

    In about you, you talk about your village -- I would love to hear more!

  7. Welcome Amy.

    Feel free to ask me anything. :)

    I started a new blog for homestead stuff over at Global Homestead Although I do blog here aout every day village life.


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