Monday, November 3

pioneering begins!

So today we start Pioneer Week.

The guidelines are:
  • Make all meals from scratch.
  • Keep energy usage down
  • Conserve water
  • Walk as much as possible
  • Rethink your entertainment
  • Watch your wallet
We pretty much do all that, but here's what I've decided to add:
  • Use the car only for necessities, no trips for fun (doesn't mean we won't have fun, just won't include travelling fun this week)
  • Bake all our bread
  • Inspired by supermom, I'll be making meals from what we already have in the fridge/cupboards/shelves. Afterall, pioneerers (?) didn't pop off to the shop whenever they had a hankering for something. Once we move up to the homestead, this luxury will be gone. Might as well get some practice in now.
  • Sweep, no vacuuming.
  • No TV (hmmm... DIY Dad looks very worried indeed)
  • Use the kitchen timer to time showers, keeping them under 3 minutes (with an extra 2 for when I wash my hair)
  • Use candles when practical

What I won't be doin':

  • I would love to make our butter but we haven't been able to source fresh milk here. It seems so crazy but all we get is UHT milk - long life milk. And likewise we can't get a hold of fresh cream. For whatever reason, this means it won't turn to butter. I think that when we move up to the homestead that we'll be able to source it from local person. Most villagers have goats and some also have a cow or two.
  • I can't sew, knit, or quilt. However, I want to learn to sew, because I just love the idea of making the wildflower's dresses as she grows, as well as upcycling bits of fabric. I do weave, but that's for luxury items.
  • Giving up using the computer. Hello!! No explanation required.
  • I considered washing our clothes by hand but I soon realised that our efficient machine would use less water.

I can't think of much else, but if you have any suggestions let me know. I'll also peruse other Pioneer Week participants for ideas and come back and edit this list.


  1. Wow--I'm anxious to hear how you do! I've been trying to live greener, too. You're so right about not going to the store and making do with what you have--I've been trying to do that more, too.

  2. In a word: IMPRESSED.

    You've inspired me. I am going to call my boss right now and tell him I can't work because I can't use my car or computer.

    You think he'll buy it???


    Best of luck with Pioneer Week!

  3. This looks really good and you've got some great ideas. I'd like to adopt some of these measures myself. Particularly the baking bread.

    I imagine it would be easier to live like this do in the warmer months of the year than when it's getting cold. So I have no excuse at the moment!

  4. Fun stuff. We do a lot of that already except I don't make butter here although I'd love to find the implements to do so. I might be able to find fresh milk? I used to make it everyday that I worked in an 1890's heritage park. I used to also do clothes washing demonstrations with a fantastic wooden rocking washer. My dh believes he can rebuild one for me for our off the grid property. I also couldn't give up the computer. I type this as I sit under my nursing and sleeping ds!

  5. Mon, you are amazing! And thanks for posting on MY blog!! I guess I didn't realize you had moved over to Blogspot, as you mentioned. I'll bookmark this right now and will keep checking in from time to time!!

  6. Cathy - it's so worth it, there is a real feel-good-factor in all this.

    MM - you kidder you. Although, if your boss refuses, could you use green prejudice in a court of law?

    Doc -If you have any bread baking tips & tricks, do pass them along.

    annie - welcome to the blog! How great if your hubby can build you a wooden washer. There's nothing like doing it yourself.

    Waves at MB. *grin*


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