Tuesday, November 11

pioneer week review

Let's see, what worked and what didn't?

Make all meals from scratch
This was the really significant change to our week, as I underwent my Great Bread Experiment. What a laugh! I baked several loaves of which about three weren't any good, but the birds enjoyed two and I've made breadcrumbs with the other.
Otherwise, I always cook from scratch anyway, except making my own pasta. Wasn't going there this time - not with a baby, lack of sleep, and flour issues. Bread baking was enough.
Oh, and I also made cookies.

Keep energy usage down
Turned off lights whenever possible. I wanted to live with lamps all week but Frugal Father wasn't keen on that one. And of course, we would have had to actually buy the lamp. We did use candles on a couple of occassions.
The nights are very cool here now but I restrained myself from turning up the heating.
No vacuuuming either, just the broom.

Conserve water
Already do this as much as possible. I kept forgetting to time the showers but we are very mindful of this anyway.

Walk as much as possible
We took one luxury trip of 10 minutes to the main town. Otherwise walked, walked, walked.

Rethink your entertainment
Well I can't attest to actually doing any thinking about it. But DIY Dad was good about turning off the TV unless he had something specific he really wanted to watch. A few gentle reminders (known as the Feminine Death Stare) we required.

Watch your wallet
No new purchases, but we did pop out for cake and coffee one evening. A luxury I know, but we both needed some time together away from the apartment, and I needed it after a hellmonth of sleep deprivation.

The Great Bread Experiment

I'm pleased to say that I finally found a suitable flour. It's more like an all purpose flour/plain flour, than a good strong bread flour, but the results are fine.

The focaccia was tasty, but just not focaccia in texture. So that will be an ongoing experiment. This one was a garlic and chilli one. mmmmmmm

Oh yeah, and if you're using a non-bread pan thingy, ermm... don't forget to oil it or something first.


  1. Congratulations! Well done! And you baked bread too...oh thou Goddess of Grain...woohoo!

    Is that too many exclamation marks for you? Sorry, I'll settle down now. I get like that when people bake their own bread.

    But really, I'm impressed. You would have produced less emissions than a small hobbit's fart.

    Is it very cold where you are now? Was it more of a challenge than doing it in summer do ya think?

  2. I love baking bread and trying new recipes. I've never tried making foccacia. I know you said it didn't have the texture you wanted, but it looks delicious!

  3. :D Oh no! I'm totally cringing at the pan! That focaccia looks so good though. When in doubt add more oil? Would that help the texture or is just a odd flour thing?

    After your post before I was thinking about how long I was showering for. I'll admit if I don't have both kids in the shower with me (which isn't often) I have a hard time getting out. Ha. I also notice that washing my hair doesn't take as long as I would have expected considering I don't use shampoo.

  4. lol @ Docwitch. It IS fun baking bread though.

    Denise - it WAS tasty, just not the same without the right texture. It's what we love about a good facaccia.

    Annie - lol, I know, I do things like this all the time.
    I think I'll be trying the extra oil next time, although I do think it's mostly the flour issue.
    Showering - sometimes showers are a way to relax, unwind, or take a break from everything we're doing. So I can understand that this can be a difficult green area to cut back on.


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