Friday, November 7

one hundred

So I've reached my 100th post on this blog. What does this mean? It means that I spend way too much time on Blogger that I notice that I reached my 100th post.

I'm going to be brave and post 100 things you couldn't care less about me.

  1. I could eat melted cheddar cheese on toast every day.
  2. My ancestry is Spanish and Italian
  3. I'm about a 7 on a nerd scale of 1-10
  4. I'm a dog person
  5. I'll rather stay home on a weekend night and read than go partying (see #3)
  6. I lose myself on a dancefloor
  7. My desert island book would be Pride & Prejudice
  8. I can handle stupidity over narrowmindedness
  9. I let spiders get cosy in my house
  10. I freak out at a slug 5feet away
  11. I fidget
  12. Clowns freak the hell out of me
  13. Cooking is my creative expression
  14. I'm annoyed by people adding pepper to my dishes
  15. I can find the philosophical in anything
  16. I don't believe in god
  17. I'm deeply spiritual
  18. If you ask for my opinion, I'll be tactful and diplomatic, but honest
  19. I can see both sides of any debate
  20. I've owned a saxophone for over 12 years, that I've never learnt to play
  21. I bellydance
  22. I bump myself against things a lot
  23. I also burn myself regularly, but never cut myself
  24. If I follow a recipe to the letter, I feel deflated
  25. I read the tarot
  26. I wouldn't want to be rich
  27. I can't stand exercise that causes me to sweat
  28. I don't sweat easily
  29. I like to ramble (walk that is)
  30. My extremities are almost always cold
  31. I'm fond of people who speak their minds
  32. The night is my favourite time
  33. When looking at art, I feel the artist in vivid emotions
  34. My intuition is everything to me
  35. I'm a listener
  36. My favourite band of all time is Led Zeppelin
  37. I confess to owning a Kylie Minogue CD
  38. I studied Christianity for 3 years just to understand it
  39. I once wore a cross (Christian) for a year just to experience how people treated me
  40. I can usually see 5 steps ahead of an idea, but can't see past 1 step in chess
  41. I have knock knees
  42. At school, I did the minimum of work that I could get away with
  43. I'm a recovering perfectionist - 7 years clean
  44. I've struggled with emotional eating most of my life
  45. I'm slightly freaking out about how open I'm being on this list
  46. My humour is a little dark and very dry - most people don't 'get' me
  47. My favourite comedy series is Frasier, followed by Seinfeld
  48. I'm extremely empathic - I feel people's emotions
  49. Meeting famous people makes no impression me
  50. My fantasy life has me living in an African state helping poor children
  51. I love cushions
  52. My most visited website is Amazon
  53. My level of skepticism is very high
  54. I believe in the unseen
  55. I'm an optimistic-realist
  56. I feel stifled in desk/office/small-room jobs
  57. I once had the job of cleaning out pork mince remains from an industrial-sized mincer. I was vegan at the time
  58. I paid my own way through university - twice
  59. I once worked 4 jobs, studied at university, learnt tai chi, volunteered at soup kitchens, looked after my apartment and garden, wrote for the university newspaper and took part in activism
  60. Today I tire at the mere thought of doing just two things from number 59
  61. I had nightmares every single night from the age of about 7 until I was 28
  62. I lucid dream
  63. I feel passionately and deeply about many issues
  64. I don't take (almost) anything 100% seriously
  65. I speak a little of about 6 languages
  66. Writing a book is a not so secret passion
  67. I fear/accept I'm not good enough of a writer
  68. I let my leg hair grow in the winter
  69. During my primary schooling (junior school to Americans), I was made to see a school counsellor because of my disruptive ways
  70. My memory is top notch
  71. When I travel, I can usually pass for a native in Western and Southern Europe, much of South America, and the Middle East.
  72. The only fruit I detest is pineapple
  73. The only nuts I detest are walnuts
  74. The only vegetable I detest is celery
  75. I'm a huge declutterer , but I dislike a home that doesn't feel well lived in
  76. I enjoy organising cupboards, shelves, fridges, etc
  77. When I was about 8yrs old, I played netball and was purposefully knocked down by a much bigger girl on the opposite team - I was naive enough to think the point of participating was to have fun
  78. I still think the point is to have fun
  79. When I hear rain after several sunny days, I feel all cosy and want to snuggle and read a book
  80. When I travelled through Australia, I also wrote weird poems that my friend illustrated on card and we sold them on the sidewalk
  81. I once took an extra job in a book shop just to fund my book purchases
  82. Sleeping on the beach was a viable way to save money whilst travelling during the hot Aussie summers
  83. I've been up to no good
  84. I once gave my last change to a very young homeless girl, then had to walk over 4hrs to get home, at night, in the cold. I didn't regret it
  85. I have no regrets
  86. How some people perceive the world as only black or white is frustrating to me
  87. I'm hopeless at idle chitchat. I can get into deep discussion within minutes of meeting someone.
  88. Roller coasters are great
  89. I never wanted children
  90. My books are on a spreadsheet database. Categorised by title, author, genre, read or unread, and pesonal rating. (see #3)
  91. I fluctuate between an INFP and a INFJ
  92. Speaking in front of a large audience was once no problem for me. Now I would stammer and falter
  93. I have never owned a credit card
  94. White wine is equivalent to cat's urine
  95. My last meal would be a lasagna, tiramisu and good coffee
  96. I would forgo the starter for a 2nd dessert
  97. I was a huge Duran Duran fan
  98. Around 1988 I lost my ticket to a Pink Floyd concert and then lied my way in
  99. I'm a backseat driver
  100. I have two tattoos. One done in Oz, the other in Peru


  1. Oh I do like you!
    Come back & visit anytime! XXxx

  2. # Writing a book is a not so secret passion
    # I fear/accept I'm not good enough of a writer
    # I let my leg hair grow in the winter.


    I love the list. Thank you for taking the time to type it up!
    Michelle :)

  3. We have a lot in common. My leg hair is growing as we speak...heeheehee.

    And you can write a book--I did for NaNoWriMo 2005, but I never want to see it edited or published (even though I liked it; that one was for me alone).

    Love your last meal--yum.

  4. Hey poppy & mei's mumma. Nice to see you.

    Michelle - yeah to the leg heair! LOL

    Lisa - we should start a club for this leg hair malarky.
    How great that you wrote a book just for yourself. I might do it one day, after the wildflower blossoms.

    DIY Dad pointed out that out of 100 things, 6 include books. *blush*

  5. From your list we might be sisters...seems we have much in posted on my blog and I had to come and "meet" you...SO, nice to meet you Mon...though I use Ragamuffin as I blog, I'm Jen. I think I might have to do a list of my own!

  6. Wonderful list. And reading through this I see some spooky parallels with what would be on my list if I did one.

    You do spreadsheets for your books??!

    I bow down before you in reverence and awe. You really meant it when you said you're into books. Hehe.

  7. Jen - hey, welcome. Pop in again.

    Docwitch - No, no reverence, just pity me.

  8. Ditto on the leg hair. I also love books and your last dinner.

  9. we have loads in common. i don't remember the numbers because unlike yours my memory is not topnotch. but we have more in common than not.

  10. Yay on the leg hair Lisa! lol

    ladybug-zen - I'm not surprised that we do, reading your blog. :)

  11. 53. My level of skepticism is very high.

    you played great with words. you believe in the unseen and read the tarot. do you know what it means skepticism?


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