Friday, November 14

Mama spider

While DIY Dad was clearing out the old barn, he disturbed a mama spider. Miffed, she carried her sack of 3million baby spiders to another, less noisy, spot.

Hundreds and hundreds of baby spiders that will one day be as big as mama (about 10cm across). Big, hairy spiders that we have no idea if they're dangerous or just bloody big.

The photo isn't as clear as it would have been had DIY Dad got up close and personal, rather than using intense zoom and perching high up on a stone. But see her lovely white sack of babies?

A couple of weeks back, he came face to face with a scorpion.

DIY Dad asked, "tell me again why we're moving into the mountains?"

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  1. That's a big spider! As long as they stay outside and do their bug-eating thing, I love spiders. Inside the house, not so much -- they get evicted promptly. I've never seen a scorpion, but I imagine I'd be even less tolerant!

  2. I actually love spiders, I don't even mind them in the house. But I prefer it when I can identify the little visitor. If the spider book says 'will eat you alive' then at least I know what I'm dealing with.

  3. I'm one of those weaklings who ar afraid of spiders, but I do love this tale and that shot! Wowza!

  4. No thank you. Nope.

  5. I don't mind spiders if I know they are there. It's when they surprise me that there are problems.

  6. I am not a fan of spiders, but I don't mind looking at them from a distance. This looks like a Wolf Spider maybe?? 10cm is huge and we've had some as big as about 3 inches in diameter!!

  7. Yeah, you're going to have about 1,000 blessed little events soon.

  8. Look like a Wolf spider to me too...of course, I'm in Texas...who knows what it really is. We've had "Wolfies" in our house before...they seem harmless enough.


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