Wednesday, November 26

the little centaur

Part of my new child astrology series.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer and centaur (half-man half-horse). This symbol reminds us that this is a sign that while it enjoys the earthly pleasures of the animal instincts, it attempts to move upwards towards a higher purpose.


The baby centaur is a ball of sunshine. She is happy to the point of gleeful.

She is also a mover and a shaker, so rethink playpens. She'll either hate them and you've wasted your money, or you might desperately need one to keep her from roaming really far when you just need a minute to get something done.

The little centaur is an explorer. There's a good chance she'll crawl and walk early, if only to get a better view or grasp of her environment. In fact, she might not even bother with crawling and head staright to walkng as soon as she's able.

If you put her in another room to nap, there's a good chance she'll wail or just won't settle until she's in the room with the adults. She's a people person and will sleep contentedly to the sound of adult voices or the TV.

And whenever you walk into the room, don't forget to greet her with a huge smile, as the little Sagittarian's huge heart sags at not being greeted. She is likely to greet and wave before other babies.

She will positiveluy bloom at smiles, songs, and hand-clapping merriment. Don your jester's cap and you've a fan for life. But if you're the quiet reserved sort, never fear, this Jupiter baby has enough sunshine for an entire family. As long as the home environment is generally happy, the little centaur will steer clear from sarcasm and unfounded cynicism in later years.

[Edit: sorry, I've edited this quite a bit, I wanted to split infants and toddlers into two posts]


  1. Ooh ooh! What a great idea! Do Scorpio and Leo next! :-)

  2. No, no -- Libra and Taurus :-)

  3. Yay! So true! Your play-pen comment is spot-on.

    Ah Saggies - I have such a spot for them. They have such energy (and appetites), embracing life in a big generous way, and encouraging others to have Big Adventures - enjoying all life has to offer.

    As a result tend to be surrounded by them. The Bloke is one. And female Sagg's are awesome! They make wonderful, supportive and generous l friends to other women.

    I look forward to the next one.

  4. lol, I'll be doing them in order of the Zodiac.

    Docwitch - I wish I knew more Sagittarians, but then I have a Sag moon and haven't needed them in my life. Still, would be nice.

  5. Ooh, yay! Am expecting a little sagi this year and they sound just lovely and easy going. Although am hoping this one won't be independent too early - my capricorn and taurean both crawled at 5 months, walked at 9 months, rearing to go! I didn't walk until I was 18 months so am hpoing at least one will be more like this :)


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